Blast From The Past: Marathon

Dealspwn delivers a fond tribute and analysis of Marathon, which created the template for the Halo series and one of the best storylines to have ever featured in a videogame.

Dealspwn writes: "Many years ago, Bungie created a seminal FPS starring a heroic Mjolnir Cyborg who had to defend humanity from a ravening alien hegemony. Wielding powerful rechargable armour, assault rifles and scoped pistols, he was a one-man army; capable of ultilising different weapons and tactics against the extraterrestrial menace on massive, sprawling maps. At his side was a rampant AI that provided him with mission objectives and guidance... and throughout the ensuing trilogy, players discovered a terrifying array of ancient technology left by a forerunner race that pre-dates the universe.

But we're not talking about Halo. We're talking about Marathon, which Bungie released on the Mac back in 1994."

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