The Truth Behind Final Fantasy XIII-2′s Existence

"Final Fantasy XIII-2 was in its early development stages long before its public revelation. Square Enix knows a ton of people will buy it regardless of the original’s reception. The release is coming suspiciously fast for this generation, and even if XIII-2 fails, Square Enix knows it has Versus XIII to fall back on. The company has nothing to lose and everything to gain, while driving plenty of revenue for less work. That’s why Final Fantasy XIII is getting a direct sequel." -Heath Hindman

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BigWoopMagazine2660d ago

Lots of good points here Heath. And I totally agree that complaining about XIII and then lining up to buy XIII-2 makes no goddamn sense - which is precisely why I refuse to buy it or even rent it, only way I'll try it is if it's free somehow. I highly encourage everyone to vote with their wallets, and avoid this BS.

MrSpace2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Well said. This really is just for fans who liked FF13. I can't imagine people who didn't like FF13 to buy the sequel, there were people who never finished it, didn't play it, didn't like it etc so it makes no sense for one of those people to play the would be lost in the story for starters among other things which would make the game less enjoyable.

With these so called "improvments" or not people who didn't like FF13 for whatever reason aren't going to buy this and for the people who never liked the first one but are still going to buy it........well thanks for giving Sqaure a "happy purchase" sale, way to let Sqaure know they can do what they like and not listen to fans.

cobblestone192660d ago

I've played through FF13 at least 8 times. Always with a different team, platinum it on my 2nd play-through. IDK why I'm so addicted to it still.

It's the GD combat system. It's perfect IMO. So I am VERY excited for FF13-2.
I just hope Sazh will be there!!!

MrSpace2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

The combat system was the worst thing about the game for me. It sucked...hard

You basicaly let it play it's self most of the time or mashed X untill you won.

edit: Or maybe instead of people being noobs...the combat system just sucked.

You can never beat Turn Based...and before any one says "Oh it's so old and dated" well Lost Odyssey did it and it very well done, the ring feature maybe it refreshing.

cobblestone192660d ago

Use abilities. That's what I do. People who play on Auto are noobs. lol

slayorofgods2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

FF13's biggest problem is that most of the development was spent on the cg cut-scenes rather then the actual game play. The linearity, lack of towns and real npc's with real shops made this game a failure as far as the FF series goes.

While the game is still fun to play it is impossible to not notice these flaws. FF13-2 is more of the same, SE should have spent more time on improving actual game play elements such as exploration and in game towns. Instead they are just releasing carryover material. The problem with this strategy is that they are also charging 60 bucks (A full new game) for something that comes very cheap from them.

NeoBasch2660d ago

I have to echo cob's sentiments here. The combat system was easily the best part about the game. And by the way, no one bought Lost Odyssey because of the combat system. Reason being because it was like every other JRPG. And yes, I've played both.

DaTruth2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Regardless of the 5 million copies sold reception?

Everyone who wasn't looking for next gen FF7 remake enjoyed it for what it was... FF13!

People play 100 linear games a year and then cry when Final fantasy does it! Even Demon's Souls was a pretty linear experience, and that is one of the best games this gen!

I too would have preferred a less linear game, but I can also enjoy linear games too! The combat system was also great, but if you decided to just press "x" over and over and play it the stupid noob way, that's your fault! You can't beat a Shao long Gui or a Long gui by just pressing "x"... hell, I still never beat the damn Long gui... it's a half hour battle with full crystarium and full weapons!

Bring on the thousand disagrees!

bakasora2660d ago

That's why I'm so angry about this.
$quareEnix has been putting up shitty games these years, and still gets away with it.

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chaosatom2660d ago

I actually liked FF13. I do agree that it has its flaws like the weapons and such, but the gameplay and story was fantastic.

I will buy FF13-2 as long as it's not like FFX-2.

Neckbear2660d ago

"but the gameplay and story was fantastic."

"and story"

Get higher standards. Seriously.

nickjkl2660d ago

hey neckbear

who are you to tel some one to get higher standards

like i really hate people like that to lower some one elses fun factor by directly attacking them based on a game that they play/like

Biggest2660d ago

I'm with you, chaosatom. I enjoyed XIII and will be purchasing XIII-2. I'm against you about X-2, however. I didn't particularly like the "Charlie's Angels" feel of the story, but the battle system and other strong points more than made up for that. Maybe I'm just a story driven RPG junkie. I'd take a FF/VC/LO type game over Oblivion types any day.

Peaceful_Jelly2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

the story? So you liked that cluster*** about L'cie and Fal'cie, the unnecessary melodrama and the constant pep talks? I wouldn't mind all that if the story were actually good but most of it was all hidden in the data logs you know.


To this date we still don't even know from where Lightning and Sazh knew each other and this is just the beginning of the many plot holes. And what about about Snow's resistance group? What was the purge and why was that happening? Why Cacoon had a Fal-Cie? Why Fal-cie create L-cie anyway?

And after hours of melodrama at the end of the day the group just decides to kill the Orphan (the Fal-cie that turned them into L-cie)? WTF? The thing is that even after they lost all their L-cie powers Vanille and Fang used the power of the Ragnarog and somehow they made a pillar of crystal with it to save Cacoon. But how? Orphan was already dead and they weren't L-cie anymore Talking about terrible plot devices...

*** End of spoilers

and gameplay? Okay...

The music and graphics was the only good thing about that game IMO.

Kur02660d ago

FF13 had the worst story out of all the FFs! What have you been smoking?

Anderson82660d ago

i'm always suprised to hear this.. fair enough if you liked it but i could never get over the endless corridors as for the story i'd say it was the weakest out of every ff i've played

if i hear hope cry about his dad 1more time i'l kill him

NeoBasch2660d ago

The story was great, don't worry about the people attacking you. They're just insecure. They need to go to forums and discussions like these and look for the support of others to make themselves feel better. It's sick actually.

Never mind the fact that story is often times subjective because it's the impact and relevancy that matters. I bet half of 'em haven't even read a book this year. Nor do they play enough story based games to actually act all superior.

Until these people play games like Digital Devil Saga 2, Xenosaga: Episode 3, Silent Hill, or Fatal Frame 2, I won't even bother listening to their opinions. Just because you have to read a little does not make a game bad. People like you are part of the reason why we'll never see Visual Novels over here in the states.

2660d ago
DaTruth2660d ago

Unnecessary melodrama???

You're suddenly on the run for your life for a crime you didn't commit, your whole life gets turned upside down, your friends and family die and you get turned into the thing you've been taught to hate and fear all your life... you gonna be a tough guy about it???

Everybody would cry like little babies every time they got a few seconds from running for their lives to actually think about their horrible circumstances!

Biggest2660d ago

Did you play the game, Peaceful_Jelly? It seems as if you're repeating some other disgruntled gamer's complaints. Here is a summary of both the back story and the game itself.

And to answer your extremely trivial questioning of Lightning and Sahz: They were both in the military. Lightning looks to be of some higher ranking, and Sahz may have known of her. It seriously didn't matter though. Only people like you, who are BEGGING for something to be wrong with a game, would even care about such an unimportant non-issue.

Hicken2660d ago

Plotholes didn't exist. Melodrama didn't exist.

Story was solid. Linear in its execution, but it worked for this game. Deal with it.

Melodrama? I'm not even sure where that would come from.

bakasora2660d ago

Japanese gaming industry is really finished. Look at them, they are making game that suit the western taste. To get a piece of pie from NA.

DragonKnight2659d ago

@Peaceful_Jelly: I dislike FFXIII as much as the next person, but wow did you get everything wrong. I'll explain.


"we still don't even know from where Lightning and Sazh knew each other."

Actually we do. Sazh was a military pilot and Lightning was a Lieutenant (i think that was her rank, don't remember) so that's how they knew each other.

"And what about about Snow's resistance group?"

What about it? They were fighting off the Purge but got separated from Snow after the fight against the Pulse Fal'Cie. They retreated to a city in Cocoon and when Snow and the group came to fight Orphan they met up again. They didn't die or anything. They just weren't essential to the story.

"What was the purge and why was that happening?"

They explain the Purge at the beginning of the game. It is a process by which the government of Cocoon exiles any they believe to have come into contact with any part of Pulse. The people are removed from Cocoon and sent to Pulse.

"Why Cacoon had a Fal-Cie?"

All Fal'Cie originally come from Pulse, but one of them didn't like Pulse and created Cocoon and left with others. That's the most basic explanation, it's actually a lot more complex than that though, involving creation mythology and the "gods" of the FFXIII world that created Fal'Cie.

"Why Fal-cie create L-cie anyway?"

Fal'Cie create L'Cie for specific tasks or missions. Anything a Fal'Cie needs to get done, or if it needs protection from something, it chooses a human and makes it a L'Cie.

"day the group just decides to kill the Orphan (the Fal-cie that turned them into L-cie)? WTF?"

Orphan didn't turn them into L'Cie. The Pulse Fal'Cie Anima turned them into L'Cie to destroy Cocoon. In order to destroy Cocoon, Orphan needed to be killed. If they didn't destroy Cocoon, they'd be turned into monsters for ignoring their mission or not completing it in time.

"But how? Orphan was already dead and they weren't L-cie anymore Talking about terrible plot devices..."

Fang and Vanille were turned into L'Cie over a century before the rest of them were. The Fal'Cie that turned them was from Pulse, not Cocoon, and they didn't lose their powers when Orphan was killed. Again, the entire group were turned into L'Cie by 2 different Pulse Fal'Cie, not Cocoon Fal'Cie.

Even disregarding the in-game index that explains the story and world of FFXIII, most of the questions you asked are explained along the main story.

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Optical_Matrix2660d ago

Well tough luck BigWoop, because I'm buying it day one. Loved FFXIII and this looks even better. Yeah it's a sequel, but it looks to improve most of what was wrong with FFXIII. If I can have that, then they can have my money.

Peaceful_Jelly2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

the thing is that the franchise has a gazillion of loyal fans that will buy anything with the name of "FF" on it. So even if the game turn out crap it'll sell a couple of millions anyway. This type of behavior is what encourage the drop in quality but what can we do?

-We have to whine and make as much noise as as we can so they understand that we are not buying their games because they are good but because we are fans. And then we should pray that there still people there that care about quality as much as the sales.

But we shouldn't expect much anyway considering that most of the key people already left the company and the only one left is Nomura. There's a similar case at Capcom too...

silkrevolver2660d ago

...that if this game gets great reviews, and you’re a fan of Final Fantasy: you’ll get it. If it gets bad reviews, however, I’m not about to waste my money. Scores will be the final indicator for me as to if it’s worth the time and money. Just like most other games.

Anderson82659d ago

nah, i wont be picking it up whether it scores well or not

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AAACE52659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

You claim you don't care about it, yet you're the first to comment...

Irony is a b*tch I tell you!

If you don't care about something... you don't think about it! Yet so many feel the need to make a comment.

I don't like Fallout games... so, I don't comment on them and I look past any articles about them.

TBM2659d ago

I don't care about other peoples opinions since they don't speak for me. And for me I enjoyed FF13 very much, and I will be purchasing FF13-2 for me not everyone else.

Those who didn't like don't buy it, but plenty of people who did enjoy it will probably purchase the sequel.

To all the people who enjoyed the game for its story, gameplay, and characters don't let anyone tell you different.

mastiffchild2659d ago

Battle system was crappy and made the screen a complete effing mess to boot. I don't think a game HAS to be totally turn based to accommodate some strategy and have long advocated a system, with dynamic pauses(varying in length from lower to higher diffs)alongsde some action based attacks and dodging. that way, using different difficulties, ou allow for old and new players alike without making it too easy, on decent levels, for older players. Naturally, within the pauses that's where you choose spells, stances or even paradigm shifts(Christ)so you have the strategy of turn based but the immediacy and skill of action/real time based battle. FF13 fell between two stools and isn't a very rewarding system as well as making the game LOOK crap.

Being honest, I didn't like the story and hated practically EVERY character-for the first time ever in a FF game. It was a chore to finish and the battle system annoyed me every step of the way even AFTER the game supposedly opened out twenty hours in. I just don't see where the fun or challenge was in the game.

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Lifewish2660d ago

I just have no interest in buying XIII-2 because I highly disliked XIII. Square Enix just needs to pull their head out of the ground and release Versus XIII and Type-0

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I agree. FF XIII was the worst game I played last year.

SE really need to focus on something else. At the moment I have low expectations for Versus.

Also we need new brands!

@ chaosatom: I just to point out that I don' t think FF XIII is the worst title of last year, just the worst I had the chance to play :)

chaosatom2660d ago

I am completely opposite. I thought FF13 was 10 times better than FF12

thekiddfran2660d ago

Versus 13 is vapourware at this stage. 6 years since it was first revealed and all we got is a trailer.

Lifewish2660d ago


It is not hard to be better than FFXII :)

Vortex3D2660d ago

How do you even know Vs XIII or Type-0 are going to be any good? There has been limited info released on Vs XIII like a few cutscenes and short gameplays.

But that's the beauty of a lot of gamers. Show some pretty screenshots, cutscenes, gameplays and a lot of hypes, gamers will be ready or want to believe the game is going to be great.

Lifewish2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

It is all about what you think looks great. From the videos and screenshots I have seen, Versus XIII looks more interesting than XIII-2 and Type-0 looks like a very cool PSP game.

So of course I am more excited about them than i am about a sequel to a game i disliked.. also the fact that Versus has been in development for so long, I would just like to see SE finally release it instead of doing sequels.

Otheros002660d ago

"Show some pretty screenshots, cutscenes, gameplays and a lot of hypes, gamers will be ready or want to believe the game is going to be great."

That's what they did with FFXIII. They barley hype FFvsXIII. There's one trailer at tgs and a few magazine interviews and that's it for the rest of the year. For FXIII there was a trailer and gameplay at e3, tgs and gamescom, then you get more info untill next year.

Anderson82660d ago

yes.. i always thought versus looked more interesting than 13 even back when they both only released trailers.. however as the years go by i'm losing all hope with versus i fear i may never get to play it... maybe theyll just release it as ff15

MrSpace2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

"A lot of people are quick to jump on blaming the 360 for clips and cuts to Final Fantasy XIII, but this presumption is misguided"

I don't know about that, I still think if FF13 was an exclusive it wouldn't of had a sequel...the game would of probably still sucked but I think they would ever of considered another game.

Even if they still found that some of the cutscenes were not going to fit in with the story Sqaure would of worked around it and changed bits of the story to add those cut scenes in. I can't believe they would just let large chunks of their work go to waste, that's one of the reasons there making a sequel but if they didn't have a disc limitation they would of managed to squeeze everything into one story, one blu ray disc and be done with it.

TruthBTold2660d ago

All the scenes that were cut from XIII was used to make XIII-2. Its like buying XIII:The uncut version XD.

despair2660d ago

This is absolutely true, but why does it take a FF sequel to get this article. What about games like Fallout NV which uses everything from the Fallout 3 engine and world bugs and all, its half the dev time not to make a new world. Or the Call of Duty games which marginally improve and sometimes takes a step back with each game every year. Or the Mass Effect universe which is 3 games for one story, or so many others that do sequels.

Why is it that so many games reuse engines and game worlds and characters but when square enix does the same they are complaining. What about the announcements of paid DLC for countless games even before the game itself is released. Sometimes they are part of the game story that is necessary but you have to pay extra for it.

What about the numerous re-releases of fighting games like Street fighter which reuses the engines and characters and design with some changes and they call it a new game. Or the new Resident evil game for the 3ds, mercenaries, which is just a minigame that was supposed to be released with the main title that is yet to come out.

How about those pokemon games that have 2 versions and you need to pay twice if you want all the content. Tell me why is it that Final Fantasy gets the rage and anger and disgust while all these get away free and easy?

Lovable2660d ago

Quote for the truth.

It's cool to hate on SE this gen cause of their many failed decisions.

pain777pas2659d ago

Well said Despair. You made some great points here. You see. Once GTA4 DLC was heralded as the second coming you should have known that this generation would be the gounging and nickle and diming customers left right and center generation. I stated this before and everyone was on the 360 is king bandwagon to realise the effect of such a decision. You have to be forward thinking in everything that you do.

Arknight2659d ago

"Why is it that so many games reuse engines and game worlds and characters but when square enix does the same they are complaining."

Because Squaresoft used to be about quality...TOP quality. They never stooped to releasing a pointless sequel unless it was a totally new game. They release complete games full of sidequests, optional items, hidden characters, and top-notch stories.

Unfortunately, most of today's gamers think its ok to just be "as good as anyone else". Get some higher standards.

despair2659d ago

lol, please don't delude yourself, Final Fantasy 13 has more polish and detail than most games ever released, including their previous titles. Just because you think a final fantasy game should have certain things doesn't mean that a game without them is a fall in quality.

Firstly there are sidequests, optional items and a top notch story in Final Fantasy 13 so those are moot points you made. Then there's the game itself, people have been complaining for a few years now that JRPGs are not evolving and when a classic style one is released they call it archaic and lacking.

FF13 goes away from traditional RPG setup in some ways and yet keeps its identity intact. They went for a more action oriented and story driven game which shows an evolved form of the classic JRPG but because people want certain things from a FF game they get angry that it evolves and changes.

Now I'm not saying its a perfect game and there are definitely some areas they could improve, but there was not a single problem with the game, it was polished beyond measure and if you actually look beyond the rage blinders you would see an amazing game, its just that people see "linear and no towns" and get in a fit over it like its the end of the world.

You say I should get some higher standards, well what exactly do you consider higher standard than FF13, where are the great RPGs that exude quality like FF13, please point them out and feel free to reference previous FF games as I'll show how it can live up to those great titles as well.

Whether a sequel is justified or not, FF13 is a great game, I enjoyed the hell out of it and I think its people's preconceptions and expectations of the game, coupled with the raging fanboys influence(they are everywhere) that jaded people on the game.

13-2 is a day 1 buy for me, but thats because I loved 13 and really like what they're doing with the sequel, feel free to complain and argue that its not a true FF game, I'll just enjoy these great Square enix titles.

Oh and just to avoid some wasted time, I consider the older FF games(and other SE classic RPGs) on my all time greatest games list.

JonnyBigBoss2660d ago

This game is a cruel, cruel joke.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2660d ago

Nah, it' s just a fishy expedient to make more money, even the stones knows that FF sells no matter if it' s good or not.

I like sequels, I mean if they don' t do countless direct sequels, but just if the original ones are really great games ( FFXIII was not. And I am/was a HUGE FF fan ).