Hands-on with Capcom’s New Baby ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ - Buzzfocus

Recently, we got our hands on the latest demo of Dragon’s Dogma. It’s an open-world action-adventure game. But, like most action-adventure games these days, this title has its share of RPG elements. You are an Arisen, a legendary warrior of sorts. There’s nothing really new there. Typically, in fantasy RPG style games you’re either a legendary warrior or an obscure person who rises up to become a legendary warrior.

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Drewminati2660d ago

I'm with you on that brother!! can't wait

Bags_BuzzFocus2660d ago

agreed. looks awesome. happy Capcom is coming with a few new IPs

HavenDan2660d ago

Definitely liking the party system, at least they are trying something relatively new.

Reaper99372660d ago

Well done Capcom well done! How the mighty have fallen, yet another mediocre release this I said before, please release a new monster hunter for PS3 and Xbox 360.