Let’s See What You’ve Got American Cosplayers

You're dead wrong if you think the West can't cosplay. It so can. And at the recent Anime Expo in Los Angeles, America did just that: cosplay.

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Urmomlol2685d ago

Brian Ashcraft is a pervert

rabidpancakeburglar2684d ago

We are all perverts in our own little way.

Downtown boogey2684d ago

Ok... This is not gaming related news.

FlyGuyHung2684d ago

"Cosplay" is stupid. Cant believe people find putting on costumes interesting outside of Halloween, let alone enough to post about.

darkziosj2684d ago

wait you have an opinion too? i think cosplay is pretty awesome if done well

femshep2684d ago

and even when its not, there still doing something a lot of people would never have the courage to do so credit for the effort as well

Pozzle2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Eh. A hobby is a hobby. Some people go fishing, some people pull apart then fix cars, some people collect dead butterflies, some people write sappy romance novels. And some people like dressing up as fictional characters for fun. Whatever you find fun you find fun, I guess.

rezzah2684d ago

Exactly. Nothing else to say.

Kakihara2684d ago

Why is it interesting on Halloween? What properties does that day have that other days don't that make the wearing of outlandish costumes fun and interesting??