Peter Molyneux, the unstoppable quote machine

BeefJack: "Love him or hate him, Peter Molyneux has a way with words – and he’s been giving great quote for over 20 years. We’ve uncovered some absolute classics that you’ve probably never read, so join with us as we take a trip down Molyneux memory lane. From dissing the SNES, cheating at Populous to having a rude name in Japanese, the man simply can’t help himself."

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theonlylolking2658d ago

Peeps I dislike

#3.Peter Moly
#4.this guy that works at crytek

firemassacre2658d ago

hate him games, think the guys so ridiculous that its actually a good thing, and pretty funny

Jdoki2658d ago

Molyneux is one of the greats. Not every developer can say they created a genre.

Unfortunately since his successes with Bullfrog up to 1997ish, and the very early days of Lionhead it's been one disappointment after another. Some of that is his fault but some of that is the position he's now in.

This isn't intended to sound fanboyish, but I really think his position in Microsoft is the problem. Molyneux isn't a corporate suit, he's a geek! I don't think it's any coincidence that the quality of his output has declined as his seniority has grown (mid 90's he was a VP in EA for a while, then 2009 promoted to Creative Director in MS Studios), He's a developer and ideas man. He needs a small, focused team around him, with the time and financial backing to make the games he wants, no matter how long it takes.

Seeing Fable go to a yearly release cycle is just ridiculous. Seeing his past catalogue of stuff like Dungeon Keeper, Syndicate, Populous and Black & White; and even lesser known titles like Magic Carpet, Hi-Octane and Theme Park show he can create amazing and innovative games.

TruthSeeker2658d ago

He hypes his games up so much, promises so much, but doesnt deliver in the end.

ChozenWoan2658d ago

Article's submitter needs to show Peter proper respect by using his real name. Title should read:

Darth Molyneux, the unstoppable quote machine.