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Whatever happened to those days of being able to go and play games with friends and strangers alike in Arcades? The sheer joy of these places is gone in many parts of the country. Of course there are arcades still open, but the majority of them are closed, or at least reduced in size.

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Inside_out2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

There are still many arcades out there and are usually a small part of a bigger recreational area.

Gaming has gone on line ( as pointed out ) and many kids the world over now " KINECT " ( see what I did there ;D ) on line and play all their favorite titles with gamers from every walk of life the world over...ain't technology grand.

There have been many clubs organized around online titles with groups meeting up and taking part in group get together's outside of gaming like the resurgence in paintball leagues recently.

In Regards to On line gaming...

...People outside of gaming think it's harming social interaction and creating some sort of shut in culture. There is some truth to that but it's a more complex thing than that black and white answer. If you never go out side and never interact with others than yes, that's a big problem but I would argue that whatever problem those people have has nothing to do with gaming and is a deeper psychological problem.