Handheld Heroes Reviews - Beyond Good and Evil HD

Harlock writes - "Despite having several opportunities, I have never played the original Beyond Good and Evil. There are probably more than a few gamers that can make that statement, and it’s more than likely one of the reasons why the game failed commercially while being lauded as excellent by the gaming press. For once, we should have listened. Fortunately for all of us that missed out, we all have a second chance to discover the game, and in HD to boot. So let’s take a look at what we missed."

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kraze072754d ago

Was going to get this game off of Steam a while back when it was on sale, but decided not for some reason. Guess I'll get from PSN now.

Handheld_Heroes2753d ago

I had to buy it on PSN just after reading this. I never played the original so this is as good of time as any.