FN Podcast Episode 8: Super Cons & Cover Girls

NotFNcute writes: "*NSFW* On Episode 8 of the FN Podcast, Pryde, Shorty, and Jon Venture discuss the happenings of Florida Super Con 2011 in Miami and the landmark Supreme Court ruling that has reinforced video games as an art form... In Personal Space Invaders, the FN Girls go over the worst pickup lines they’ve ever heard and the best rejection lines they’ve ever used on creepers. And if you think FN Shorty couldn’t get any more awesome, she’s got a story to tell you at the end of the show... a Children’s Story."

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Hitman07692659d ago

I love to see the NotFNCute Podcast coming at it again with a look at the Video Games Free Speech victory and of course Cons!!!!

FN_Pryde2659d ago

Super inappropriate and terribly funny, enjoy at your own risk.

JonVenture forgot to mention: We also discuss Orson Scott Card's venture into Firefall and how RAGE is trying to get more hype through comic books.