Why Playing Battlefield makes you a C.O.D. Beast

Despite what you may read on the internet, you don't *actually* have to choose sides when it comes to Battlefield and Call of Duty.

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Hufandpuf2752d ago

The thing in this article are true. You can take things you've learned from BF and become more than capable in COD, but I doesn't work the other way around.

JellyJelly2752d ago

The downside to this is that once you've gotten to know BF the switch to COD won't feel too pleasant. I went from BFBC2 to COD Black Ops. Sold it in less than three weeks.

egidem2752d ago

Same here. I used to play a lot of Modern Warfare 2. Battlefield 2 Beta came out, and I played lots of it. After some time, I decided to go back go MW 2 just felt wrong. I traded in the game after a few days I believe.

Wh15ky2752d ago


I used to love COD4 then got into KZ2 when it released.

I then bought World at War and hated the feel of it so went back to KZ2.

That didn't stop me getting caught up in the MW2 hype though, so I bought it but still didn't like the speedy, floaty feel to the controls so I traded it for BFBC2 and haven't looked back.

MW2 was the last COD game I played and I doubt I'll play another one again.

Hicken2752d ago

Very true. The only thing this article fails to mention is the cheapness of "career" CoD players: spawn camping and the like. You can do a helluva lot to improve your chances, using what you've learned from BF, though.

Sarobi2752d ago

This isn't the first time I've heard this

redcar1212752d ago

bf3 will fade very quick on console ...good graphic dont make a good game

Miiikeyyy2752d ago

So MW3 will fucking fail then

BeaArthur2752d ago

It will fade because all of the CoD scrubs will realize the game takes skill and go running back to MW3.

ufo8mycat2752d ago

You are right about that - good graphics don't make a good game, but BF3, even BC2, offers much more freedom and variety in the gameplay then COD's corridors.

ViserysTargaryen2752d ago

There's room at the table for both games me thinks. Sometimes I enjoy the spawn and die simplicity of a CoD frag fest while other times I like to fly a fully crewed helicopter into the water in Bad Company 2. They both satisfy my appetite for douchebagery in their own special ways.

JellyJelly2752d ago

I love the upgraded UAV. It can make for some frustrating moments while used correctly :)

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