Codemasters: F1 gamers want more realism

F1 2011 senior producer Paul Jeal says racing fans want their Formula 1 games to be more and more realistic, joking that players “aren’t going to be satisfied until their armchairs are on the starting grid.”

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GavLam882663d ago

Damn straight! F1 fans are some of the most hardcore racing fans, and I for one want to continue to see F1 head in the direction of realism. I am really looking forward to the next installment, but it better not be buggy like F1 2010. Lets hope that F1 2011 does not disappoint in terms of quality and realism.

SantistaUSA2663d ago

Exactly! I grew up watching F1, I'm from Brasil and it's on tv virtually every sunday. Brings me good memories, but F1 2010 was very buggy, I am sure 2011 will be 1000x better. Well one can at least hope :)

SilentNegotiator2663d ago

Less bugs would be a great way to create a better realistic environment, codedisasters.

theonlylolking2663d ago

Football(soccer) fans are the most hardcore. Those fans pretty much will go into an all out brawl over a team.

I plan on getting this game and buying a wheel for F1 2011 and Gt5.

GavLam882663d ago

If you re-read my comment, I said 'some' of the most 'hardcore racing' fans. I'm not trying to start a comparison match between different sports as to who is more 'hardcore'.

I'd definitely recommend getting a wheel for F1 2011. I used one throughout GT5 and F1 2010. It just adds a whole another level of depth and enjoyment to the games.

Si-Fly2663d ago

Footballs for ignorant single braincelled thugs.

iamgoatman2663d ago

F1 2010's biggest problem was the AI, like most codemasters games it felt robotic and unrealistic. In an F1 game the AI is probably the most important aspect, and to race against other drivers that can speed up and slow down as much as they want just doesn't feel right, not to mention the not pitting bug and that the times for qualifying and practice are just made up stats that have hardly any relation to the pace you can expect in a race.

F1 2010 felt like a beta on release, and even though I've fixed most of the technical problems CM didn't bother with myself, it's just no fun racing against the AI that aren't properly effected by tyre wear etc which is just ridiculous for an F1 game.

xfrgtr2663d ago

The AI in F1 2010 was great

iamgoatman2663d ago

The AI is horrible, here's a short list of the problems:

1. AI isn't effected by fuel and tyre wear correctly, if at all.
2. AI cars will speed up and slow down depending on what corner they're taking, this ranges from taking some corners at a snails pace and others way too quickly. This leads to a fake/robotic feel.
3. AI is way too slow even on legend difficulty, I won my first season in a Lotus by a country mile.
4. When an AI car isn't visible on the track they don't actually exist, and their lap times are in a sense randomly generated which can lead to some weird results.
5. Even after the first (and only) patch the AI still fails to pit on occasion.
6. During practice any AI car in front of you even on a hot lap will slow for you to overtake, then quickly speed up and try to overtake again.
7. AI fails to recognize when it's raining and when wet tyres are needed, so you end up with half the grid running super softs in full wet conditions.
8. AI near you on the track will adapt to your pace, so sometimes they end up doing laptimes during the race that are several seconds faster than their qualifying times.

The problems with slow corners and the AI being slow in general can be fixed using mods that allow you to adjust the AI lap times, but just makes it feel even more unrealistic having to manually adjust their speed yourself.

bestofthebest2663d ago

I just bought F1 2010 for $20 but I guess I shouldnt have seems like its a buggy game according to everyone.

a_bro2663d ago

its a great game though, i pretty addicted to it right now along with GT5.

But yea theres a bunch of bugs in it though. compared to all the F1 games i played, this one is probably one of the best though. The franchise is in good hands, thats for sure.

xfrgtr2663d ago

It's not,it's a great game

GamersRulz2663d ago

More realism in this game means nobody can even start the car let alone driving it O_o

CaptCalvin2663d ago

The difficulty can mostly be turned down by the player. If you turn it all the way down the cars almost drive themselves. All you had to do was floor the gas all the way through the race.

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