Epic actually DOESN'T want to develop Kinect games

Epic honcho Mark Rein was recently quoted saying Epic Games was "dying to be part of" Kinect development. Turns out, however, he really isn't interested in making any Kinect games.

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Inside_out2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

He's quoted as saying one thing and then this piece says he didn't mean it but their is no reference. Doesn't matter because...

Epic sells middle-ware...Kinect requires middle-ware to ease development...hence, Epic needs to offer up a game, much like they did with Gears, to showcase the potential of using Unreal 3 for Kinect games. Many of the KInect stuff is already using Unreal 3 and the games look fantastic. Kinect Adventures is one example...

I don't expect a Epic Gears of War Kinect game but why not. Much of Gears is brutal take downs and the use of cover. It wouldn't take much to adopt Gears if they really want to. I think it's been a missed opportunity for Epic.

Epic seems to be on the outside of M$ future plans and Crytek seems to be on the inside. It's obvious that M$ is going with the same silicon ( Amd/ATI ) that made 360 and yet Epic was pushing Nvidia ( xbox1 and PS3 ) silicon for their much talked about Samaritan next gen tech demo...Hmmmm....M$ could not of been happy about that. Crytek is making a Kinect exclusive game...did I mention that Crytek is selling middle-ware now in the form of Cry-engine 3...what a coinkydink. ;)

Twizlex2658d ago

Original interview is linked, Mark Rein's response was via twitter. It's all there in the article.

StanLee2658d ago

What other games does Epic Games make besides Gears of War and Unreal. They didn't even make Bulletstorm. The acquired a majority stake in the company after the game was in development. The same with Chair. Epic Games doesn't make games. They'll be making Gears of War games until the wheels fall off like they did with Unreal.

Active Reload2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

It's stems from this article that as usual the retards of N4g decided not to read but figured it was ok to comment on.

And if Epic didn't aquire those studios those games wouldn't have come out let alone come outthe way they were. The hate for Epic is fierce and in September I see it increasing.

Twizlex2658d ago

If someone actually did them right, Kinect games could be awesome. It's not like the 360 magically gets less capable when using a Kinect instead of a regular controller. It's up to devs to do something amazing with it.

FlashXIII2658d ago

It's less capable for allowing freedom of movement. I'm all down for someone to do a kinect game right but as it stands "you are the controller" and core action games don't go hand in hand. I look forward to someone proving me wrong but I'm not holding out.

firelogic2658d ago

The 360 DOES become less capable when using the Kinect and it's not something that can be solved. THAT's the problem with it.

Cookigaki2658d ago

Systems are only as good as the software that's made for them. Just look at Wii's success, and that thing is way less powerful than Kinect and Move.

firelogic2658d ago

The Wii's success has nothing to do with the software. The Wii has the most pathetic game library of this generation. It's possibly the worst library in Nintendo console history.

anasurimbor2658d ago

That's good, because Kinect is fucking stupid.

Twizlex2658d ago

Sounds like something you would say because you never used it. I used to think it was stupid until I tried it. It's worth it just for voice navigating my netflix, haha.

hobo512658d ago

U must hav a large sack of money laying around to just by kinect for voice functionality, I guess some people rather waste der money on useless shit, than do anything meaningful wit it

Just_The_Truth2658d ago

you can just do that with a mic you know, but of course that'd belittle kinect.

Active Reload2658d ago

He doesn't like Kinect because he can't afford it.

catguykyou2658d ago

"you can just do that with a mic you know, but of course that'd belittle kinect."

You are correct but what makes Kinect appealing to developers is that it does all the voice recognition itself instead of requiring the developer to write the code for it themselves.

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firemassacre2658d ago

lol i mean kinectimals lol wth is that?

Twizlex2658d ago

Kinectimals is for kids. I wouldn't play it. You can't base the potential on one stupid game. If you did, all systems would "suck" because they all have had a stupid game.

palaeomerus2658d ago

Lol. Move Heroes. WTH is that ?

XRider2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

You only need to click anasurimbor's name to see why he hates Kinect. Same with SonyNGP below.

SonyNGP2658d ago

Good. Stay away from that crap.

Optical_Matrix2658d ago

I bet this is the case for a lot of developers who said they can't wait to develop for it and that its an industry changer. The whole thing with all those devs saying how much of a game changer it is was most likely part of Microsoft's PR campaign for the thing. Not actually sincere comments.

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