Ireland Latest Addition To Rugby World Cup

HB Studios has confirmed the exclusive rights to the Ireland Rugby Union for the Rugby World Cup 2011 game. Click through for details and screens.

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mmoplaya2661d ago

So Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Wonder when England will be announced?

davidmccue2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

They have already announced the England license a couple of weeks ago, they are only announcing each one separately to get as much media coverage as possible.

greengamer2661d ago

The mighty Ireland will rise above all! Can't wait for this game :D

EazyC2661d ago

How come no devs are from Eireann? We have Havok Physics big ass HQ but nothing else... (to my mind)

A game about the IRA would be cool...

Lucreto2661d ago

No big developers in Ireland. Ireland has a service role in the industry. Microsoft game testers are in Dublin. Bioware technical networking in Galway and Blizzard customers service in Cork.