Check out these awesome preorder bonuses for Space Marine

Preordering these days has become one of several ways game companies try to get you to buy their products new. If you want the "full experience," you have to preorder, get exclusive content, get your online code for downloading free stuff, whatever. THQ is offering some sweet preorder goodness to help sway you in just such a way.

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mananimal2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Those are all worthless extras or bonuses except the steam offer of extra chapter, but STEAM and the likes of ONLIVE, are just DRM SCHEMES at its core, no thanks period. they'll pratically give you a free ONLIVE device, if you will just become a slave to the DRM(Digital Rights Management) methodology., huh....nope. no matter how "SWEET" the deal is, principle is far more superior in every way imaginable.