“Well Known” Final Fantasy Characters To Make An Appearance In FFXIV

During a June interview with 4gamer, Final Fantasy XIV developers, Naoki Yoshida, Akihiko Matsui and Mitsutoshi Gondai discussed the current state of the mmorpg. The matter of when monthly fees will be implemented to the PC version and the state of the PS3 version of the game were disclosed during the lengthy interview.

Yoshida-san also teased Final Fantasy fans with the possiblity of “well known” characters from the franchise appearing in FFXIV.

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V3rsatile2663d ago

The article says nothing about the PS3 version.

Leonesaurus2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

The article looks like it got cut off but I did manage to read it on another site a few weeks back.

It mentions that they still have the PS3 version planned and saved until the 1.18-1.20 patch fixes get implemented, which may take up until the end of the year, with the way things are going.

As for familiar FF character(s) making an appearance in recent patches, Cid is the most likely candidate to be welcomed. His role as an engineer for the Garlond Ironworks (situated under the control of the Garlean Empire), seems like it would fit into the plot well.

Cid might actually end up fleeing from Garlemald and arriving in either one of the main city states to seek shelter (as previous Garlond Ironworkers already have from previous added quests) or he might be tied to Ishgard in some way in future quests.

That's just my best guess for what would be believable in the games lore and current place in the storyline. It would make perfect sense. It would also spell out the soon to be implemented airship possibility, since the Garlond Ironworkers (and Cid in past FF titles) flies and builds machines and Airships.

MaideninBlack2663d ago

What did you do? Glance at the article. Here's what it read about the PS3 version:

4Gamer: So the goal for now is just to make the game better. How are things coming for the PS3 version?

Yoshida: It’s coming along nicely. I can’t make any comments on when it’ll go on sale though.

4Gamer: Makes sense since you have to get the PC version under control first right?

Yoshida: Yeah. I hate uncertainty more than anything, so as we work on rebuilding the PC version of FFXIV, we want to raise the bar on the PS3 version. It’s quite a challenge but since FFXIV started off as a disappointment to a lot of players, we don’t want to make the same mistake twice. The entire team is working together to make this happen so I hope people keep their expectations high and look forward to it.