HD-DVD's Act of Desperation, and Why It Just Might Work

"The stagnating sales of both formats can easily - and truthfully - be attributed to the format war. No one wants to be caught owning a Betamax. And up until a few months back, it looked like the format war was all but over...

No one is winning this fight right now, but a whole lot of people are losing. But at least it's fun to watch."

Raul Burriel has published an editorial in The Trades that succinctly sums up the state of the war between Blu-ray and HD DVD.

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ktchong4053d ago

Oh wait...

... this is my own submission.

karlostomy4053d ago

i laughed heartily!

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happyjimmy4053d ago

Why there is still a debate over which is better ill never know. Its clear that people want Blu ray. Im really am getting sick of this Blu ray vs Hd DVD crap when its clear that HD DVD will not last.

TheXgamerLive4053d ago

Only PS3 users want BR. Nobody is buying BR players, nobody, thus it's PS3 users supporting BR, as far as independent players go, it's HD-DVD players that are being bought.

Jandre024053d ago

Wow what a stupid point. People who buy HD DVD are just clueless that this whole thing is going on. They go to the store, see the name, and pick it up.

Either way, Blu-Ray is still winning. There have been cheaper HD DVD players for awhile now, but blu-ray is still selling more, because the movies are on blu-ray, not HD DVD.

If Blu-Ray were to sell its players at $99 like HD DVD did, this would be over already. But after the holidays, and the PS3 ad campaign, im pretty sure Warner will pick a side and this all will end.

speakthetruth4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I'm sorry to break the news to you, but the moves HD DVD has pulled have put them more than back in the WAR, so to say. Paramount Exclusivity, namely TRANSFORMERS, and now the unbeatable player prices are just the start of the HD DVD comeback.

You had just better stop buying BLU-RAY movies, if WARNER swings on HD DVD side exclusively. The '08 announcement of China to make CH-DVD, aka HD-DVD, the national standard will be the final blow. This will certainly be a key point of Toshibe execs to Warner, to sway them.

Finally HD-DVD is region free, i can import Silent Hill, Fantastic Four, etc. and watch all of them on the A-2 or any HD-DVD player for that matter. I am looking forward to the CH-DVD versions of any, if not all BLU-RAY movies, on my HD-DVD player.

Seriously, if your not sure about your format don't buy the movies. But I assure you HD-DVD movies are selling with all the new HD-DVD player owners out there and soon to be owners.

There is a bunch of movies on HD-DVD, so the catalog argument is mute. I have over 50 movies on HD-DVD, including THE MATRIX COLLECTION and TRANSFORMERS to name a couple. I will be buying the Harry potter collection and Shrek the third on Amazon. I'll buy the Jason Bourne collection and Ocean's Collection as well.

harv0524053d ago

"If Warner..."

Yeah...So what happens to you nice theory if this doesn't happen??

speakthetruth4053d ago

I don't know what Warner will do. I can't predict the future, but I don't think it is in their best interest to split the HD market. Warner is going to make the best decision based on what each side has to offer, and based on the format in which they belive will be adopted as the next movie format standard.

I'm sorry but people, in general, aren't going to buy a game system or a $399 Blu-Ray player to play next gen movies. They will buy the equivalent HD-DVD player, with the lowest player priced at $99. Shrek the third and transformers, just help HD-DVD.

Warner would be dumb to side with Blu-Ray and abandon HD-DVD, plain and simple.

harv0524053d ago

Explain to me why the HD-DVD camp always uses the same example: Transformer (which didn't sell well from a couple of articles i've read)and Shrek, like it's the only good movies to hit HD-DVD...I know they have more movies coming out but these two are always mentioned.
BOTH camps have good movies coming out and I don't think Transformers and Shrek is going to end this war...

ruibing4053d ago

Have you see the Blu Ray releases for this week?

We get the latest Pixar films (I don't care who you are but you can't say you don't like them) as well as some really good 4-pack bundles for each genre for only $60. HD-DVD goes on the defensive by dropping price while BD goes offensive with more exclusive releases on BD. It's not like I'm going to go out of my way to get BD movies, I'm just going to get some Pixar movies, Pirates trilogy, and Spiderman trilogy this holiday season.

Twist964053d ago

I think this whole format war should be skipped and we should go straight to Digital Distribution.

athlon7704052d ago

Picking up the Spiderman Trilogy on Blu-Ray and kind of stepped back from the display and noticed that blu-Ray has way more movies. I couldn't understand it. Everyone is saying that HD-DVD will win the war and Transformers and Shrek 3 will do this and do that, but yet the blue side has like 3 times the amount of movies. Then it came to me, the answer was so clear, the red side is full of fanboys who are trying to justify their purchase and whine about Sony and their format, yet Toshiba is the only manufacture of the red side drives. And they are down to what 3 studios producing for red, two exclusive...The only reason they are saying it would be a mistake if WB switched to blue is because they are projecting their mistake of going red!

WB, if any of your staff ever come to these sites, forget about red, they have 1 manufacture and less than a handfull of supporting studios. End this "war" and go blue exclusive. The red side says we are just a bunch of PS3 buyers, well the PS3 being a HD console, we gamers have no trouble dropping a couple of grand for a hdtv and supporting equipment to get the most of our games, same goes for the movies we like to watch.

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Meus Renaissance4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Wait. A few days ago we were told that Blu-Ray was desperate or about to die? Now its HD-DVD? Make your minds up people. On PS3 Forums Blu Ray has won and on the official Xbox forums, HD-DVD has won.

happyjimmy4053d ago

Yes but in the real world Blu rayis winning due to better sales and marketing as well availibility. Nothing can really change that because people just want Blu ray or a regular DVD as of now.

Leon_Blu4053d ago

Die Hard movies in Blu-ray.

Blu-ray wins ;)

Close_Second4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

...which ever format LOTR and Star Wars come out on is the winner. If they come out on both then that will suck. However, even worse is if Star Wars is released exclusively on one format and LOTR is on the other.

I wish we would all stop debating this and just STOP buying either format. Hell, did anyone get a refund from the manufacturer when they invested in betamax only to have it disappear????

@harv052: What? I didn't start anything along the lines "of you know it will". What are you on about?

Just look how long it took Lucas to approve the release of the original movies (IV-VI) on DVD. All Star Wars movies are probably ready now for HD format but they will wait until the install base warrants releasing them. The same will go for LOTR.

harv0524053d ago

LOTR is New Line Cinema/Warner. Could be released on both, but I doubt it. They might decide which format once a winner is made (which could be never...)

Star Wars is 20th century fox. Now this is one of the Blu Ray supporters. So unless HD-DVD wins (don't start with the stupid "you know it will" bullsh*t) I don't see it being on HD-DVD...

atlys4053d ago

the author makes some great points. i am "the average joe", and i just bought the A2 at walmart yesterday. it was just to good of a deal to pass up. a high-def media player for $100 or a decent upconverting dvd player for the same price? it was a no-brainer. when i talked with the department manager she told me they had a whole pallet of them when the sale started on friday, and by noon on saturday there were only 6 left. still priced at $100! i personally think this will give hd-dvd a good push that will sustain sales on into 08. i honestly don't see either format winning this war. i think hd-dvd will end up with the majority of the market share, but movies will be released on both formats due to sony's inclusion of blu-ray in the ps3. Sony, Disney, and Fox might still remain faithful to blu-ray, releasing fully featured works on blu-ray while releasing cut down versions on hd-dvd, but i think most studios will start to support hd-dvd or go neutral if nothing else.

ruibing4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I seriously doubt Sony, Disney, Fox, and Lionsgate are going to drop exclusivity. There is a much greater chance for a neutral studio like Warner Bros to do it. So far studio only cares about the sales ratio, and BD has been winning 2:1 despite a higher priced player.

Also you bought the older model, which only supports 1080i, so you have no future proofed yourself either. If you are the average joe, then the tactic seems to work by targetting poorly informed consumers through advertising lower player costs, higher standalone player sales, and high sales for Transformers. They forgot to mention less studio support, less OEM support, smaller capacity, older models, and less actual movie sales.