EA's SVP of Global Online fails to explain why Crysis 2 was removed from Steam

DSOGaming writes: "The interesting part here is that David claims the game was removed due to the fact that they can't provide the experience they want to their customers. So let us ask you; How the F' didn't Valve remove NFS: Shift 2? Need for Speed Shift 2 had also a patch and DLC that you could get from Origin and Valve hasn't removed that game from Steam, even though it allegedly breaks the same rules as Crysis 2."

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BeastlyRig2658d ago

From what I hear it is Valve who removed it not EA.

Gran Touring2658d ago

That's weird... I know people reported there were problems with the Steam version, (mostly regarding Sandbox 3 compatibility), but that's no reason to remove the entire game.

Pandamobile2658d ago

The reason it was removed from Steam was because Crytek had some retarded agreement with Gamespy to be the sole distributor for the Crysis 2 DLC, and that goes against one of Valve's policies.

So it was taken down.

gypsygib2658d ago

Oh well, that's just less sales for EA then.

dlohnug2658d ago

This cant be bypasses, ever? Will it ever go back on steam? I dont wanna use Origin, but not because of any bias, i just have like 70 games on steam, so switching is tedious.

bumnut2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Origin is expensive too, £39.99 for BF3!

I preordered on disc for £23