Nintendo president Comment on First Person Shooters

"currently, in the western countries especially, war-themed gun-shooting games, which are not well-received in Japan, are very popular", he said. "It is a reality that some of these games sell 10 million units per year in those markets, and this is one valid type of video game genre. I would personally feel sad if all video games became something like that, but on the other hand, I do not think such games should disappear."

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webbsod2713d ago

this gives some insights to what Nintendo thinks about shooter games like gears, call of duty and BF.

TruthbeTold2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I feel the same way as Iwata. By no means do I want the FPS to 'disappear' but it would be a very bad thing if all games became influenced by that genre just because it's so popular for some. Unfortunately, we even have FPS mechanics in even a multitude of R.P.G.'s now. It's as though some people won't buy a game unless they can somehow translate their CoD skills to the gameplay. Very unfortunate...

As for the writer's comments on Nintendo not growing up and blah blah blah... Please. Just because a game revolves around shooting people doesn't make it a 'Mature' game. They might, perhaps have a point if 60% of Halo and CoD gamers weren't 18 and under and/or acted as though they are.

When people say things like 'Nintendo is kiddy' it's just ignorance. Barbie or Diego, or Spongebob games might be kiddy. The games that Nintendo makes are 'Lighthearted'. They are appropriate for all ages, and the difficulty levels tend to be 'easy to play, difficult to master'. As any good game should be.

It's time people understand the difference, and quit with the crap talk. Seriously, at this point, every time someone says 'Nintendo needs to grow up', I can't help but think the same about the person saying that.

madjedi2712d ago

Subjective terms and opinions are not facts, so just because they deem most nintendo games kiddy merits you questioning their age or maturity level.

And you think that doesn't makes you any less immature for doing that, i love the irony, grown up does not always killing & gore.

It's subjective to the user, and yeah sorry nintendo games would benefit from growing up out of it's snes days. And adding voices, an actual relevant storyline to several of it's games wouldn't be that hard.

What you deem the truth about nintendo games is merely your personal opinion and beliefs on what a variety of Subjective terms mean.

But i'll just treat you as another gamer with a different opinion than mine and not be an ass and insult you for it. Like you do those who view nintendo games as kiddy.

Btw truth is a fact, backed up by scientific facts/data, what 99% of people on n4g state as "the truth" is merely our personal opinion/bias on subjective topics.

Which most everyone on here forgets most of the time, myself included and falsely states their opinion as a fact.

TruthbeTold2712d ago

It isn't about subjectivity. It's about a group of gamers constantly talking crap about what else is out there as if their little pin hole view is all important. Every day we get these Wii U articles that are news laced with b.s. If you believe that the statement in that article isn't worth the questioning of maturity level then I don't know what to say to you.

When someone says, 'I don't like that, I personally feel as though that style of game doesn't suit me' it's no biggie. But when someone says, 'They need to grow up (since I'm grown up and define what grown up is) in order for me to like that' it's b.s. they should be called out on it. Not to mention that they leave themselves open to the purposefully harsh judgment along the lines of what I made in my other post.

If you want to play games, then sure you can say 'Well your opinion is no more valid than theirs'. But again, every day, rather than just Wii U news, we get this negative opinion laced crap by people with a narrow view of what gaming is. The fact that you don't see that must mean that you are probably of like mind, and explains why you're so upset by what I said.

'I'll just treat you as another gamer with an opinion different than mine and not be an ass like you are! Now listen to why I'm right!'


webbsod2711d ago

yea i do not like only shooter and think true gamers are not just first person shooters however i think Nintendo is and has been making the same games over and over and over again. sure call of duty's use the same engine and just improve on it but at least the company does not make only 1 type of games. Nintendo makes games for little kids and there games do not grow with the gamers. to say they make games for all ages is just not true. what game do they make that is for 18 or older closest thing is the party type games and those are not really made for older gamers. 3 out of 5 woman gamers are wii gamers. how hard the games are does not make them for adults or kids its the content and context. there is tons of games not shooter games like dragon age like the witcher that N has nothing close to like but Zelda which is for kids. great games but not adult themed.

VampiricDragon2712d ago

Hes right. I dont think anyone wants it were the only games being made are shooters and nothing else.

Gaming would be boring. Not to mention it would whither up and die

news4geeks2712d ago

Shooters are too casual. We need more strategy games like the commandos series.

rexbolt2712d ago

i dono What ccommandos is but i love me some stratey fire emblem advances wars rondo of swords commnd and conaqer and battlion wars :o

AWBrawler2712d ago

This is why i love them

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