Iwata: Wii U launch line-up to be considered more carefully than ever

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has said that Nintendo is thinking about which games should be on Wii U's launch line-up more carefully than ever before.

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Minartis2757d ago

A new F-Zero or Wave Race might make me consider buying one.

Also for Nintendo to stop ****ing about and release all of their best games in the west (Last Story, Pandora's Tower, Fatal Frame 4 .... etc)

N4g_null2757d ago

All they really need is a sweet new 2d Mario with a mix of mario3 and 2 in there. Let the 3rd parties make their own DLC levels we all get for free.

A duck hunt, wii play, sports with lots of depth and of physics for the hardcore and let people make angry miis also. I could use a new laser hockey games with levels and different rules. Also release easy snap mods for the system so the hardcore can get a ps3 mod so they can stop complaining lol.

A paint program and a low level 3d modeling tool would be cool. Drop in wii music for free. The video chat with the ability to draw on peoples faces lol.

If they did all of that the launch would go just fine. Free coupons for a wii rpg would be sweet also. Or what about just given those games the hd treatment I'm sure they have the original psds. Just up the texture resolution. Then release it on two disk one for the wii and one for the wiiu.

Let people bring fbx file into the system also by way of the USB harddrive.