Is the second-hand market really that bad?

A reader wonders if buying games pre-owned really dents publishers' pockets.

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Ognipode2659d ago

More money needs to go the damn developers.

WobblyOnion2659d ago

Agreed..and less to the publishers. But this is reality, and not Farawayville.

BeastlyRig2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

eh since the pc market is almost shifted to digital that gets rid of gamestop!

Why pay the retailer when the devs should get most of there profits? Cut out the middle man..

It makes my games $10 - $20 cheaper most of the time & devs keep more money! That's a win/win!

WobblyOnion2659d ago

I don't really see the harm of second hand; in fact it's lead me to purchase and experience games I'd otherwise never have bought - and then gone on to buy its sequels new.

Trade ins also help me fund new game purchases.

Darranged2659d ago

There's got to be a middle ground here. Ideas such as keys being needed to access online features doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, because at least that way there will be funds to keep the servers running.

But it shouldn't be at a point where buying those online passes makes a second hand game just as expensive as a new one.