Entire Industry Cries Out For Next-Gen

360 Magazine: Don’t believe the next-gen is almost here? Check out what the entire games industry has been crying out for.

While you might want to keep you 360 or PS3 for now, developers, publishers and the majority of industry’s big players have reached a cap. Creatively, technically and in many ways financially, a next-gen has quickly become the one thing that could reinvigorate the gaming scene.

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The Meerkat2663d ago

Except for PS3 fanboys who don't want to see their console of choice finishing this generation in 3rd place.

zootang2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Xbox 360 fanboys want it to end so they can get rid of Kinect and the whole Casual push and limited DVD space for developers.. PS3 fanboys are happy knowing there is pleanty of big Blu Ray exclusives still yet to come and that the PS3 is still to hit the golden 199 price tag.

sdtarm2663d ago

ahh the truth hurts dailynch/meerkat

LoVeRSaMa2663d ago

Look at the GFX jump between PS2 and PS3, that jump isn't possible yet, the difference would not be that big, especially when they are squeezing more and more power out of it even now, I feels like just a year or so ago when I bought my PS3 too, and I got it when it first came out :P

guitarded772662d ago

Not in this economy... the next gen systems are well in development, and I'm sure the publishing partners and devs under said publishing partners are somewhat in the know of what the next gen systems will be capable of. We're still at least 2 years out from a new system launch, so we might as well enjoy what we have since this gen is peaking right now.

gaffyh2662d ago

Graphics technology isn't good enough to go to a next gen yet. There's still some life left, and I'd rather we stay with current consoles because I cannot be bothered investing in a new console right now. If you really want to go "next gen" get the Wii U and be content with a quarter baby-step towards the next gen.

Say what you want about the next gen, but it doesn't make sense for ANYONE for new consoles right now. Think about it, all that'd happen is that developers would have to spend significantly more on games development AGAIN, and make themselves go out of business, like so many developers have done this gen. Because of that, prices of the games would go up again, to $70 MSRP etc.

AND it's not worth it for MS or Sony. MS is making a lot of money off Xbox 360 and Kinect. And it doesn't make sense for Sony because they are launching the PSVita this year, and they need a fall back. The only company that needed to release something was Nintendo, because Wii sales dropped off a little, and they already announced the Wii U.

It just makes no sense, except to fanboys.

Killman2662d ago

Dailynch, I hope you know that you are a complete moron and your website is moronic. How many times do I have to hit "No" and "WTF?" for a website to be blacklisted?

FanboyPunisher2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

"Graphics technology isn't good enough to go to a next gen yet."

Console retard, seriously do you even understand what you just said? lmao seems like you have a P100 still for your main system.

DX11 will be the DX9 of next genration, its far better for processing insanely complex graphics, a huge advancement. our hardware isnt being pushed anymore on PC, our hardware has way to much unused power bc of shit console ports being gimmped.

So the technology isnt ready?

The sooner we get next gen, the sooner we can improve the industry graphics, and eventually perfect the system to push visuals even further years after.

SilentNegotiator2662d ago

"Except for PS3 fanboys who don't want to see their console of choice finishing this generation in 3rd place"

Or perhaps, unlike trolls like yourself, PS3 gamers are quite happy with the games that they're getting. The 360 hasn't and never will catch up with the PS3 is terms of GAMES AND GRAPHICS.

This isn't about PSTREE FANBOIS not wanting PS3 to "finish last" in your favorite game (TEH SALEZ), this is about you WANTING the ps3 to finish last. Well, enjoy sales, Kinect, and GeoW. PS3 "fanboys" will be playing Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, several remasters, TLG, etc.

gaffyh2662d ago

@FanboyPunisher - Seems like you should be punishing yourself, especially when you go all nerd rage over a simple comment. I didn't say GFX aren't good, I said they aren't good enough i.e. there would not be a huge jump in GFX if next gen consoles were released, especially because manufacturers will want to keep costs down, which they will.

Sony said themselves that they wouldn't make a huge investment on PS4 like they did with PS3. oh btw, I have a pretty good machine, not the best because I only upgrade to the best spec when my current PC dies. Last time I upgraded was for Crysis.

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RememberThe3572662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

PS3 fans don't want to new system because they're getting enough games as is. It's seem more like PS3 fanboys are having more fun playing games than sales. At this point the Wii has sold so much, arguing over 1st and 2nd place is pathetic.

The way I see it is that there aren't many exclusives for the 360 right now and 360 gamers are starting to get bored. That might be smart for MS because it's creating demand for a new console when there really isn't need of one.

EDIT: That sounded a little fanboyish lol, I'm not trying to piss off people who own 360's (fanboys can kiss my ass though) but I've had my brothers 360 sitting at my house or more than 6 months and I haven't turned it on since we play Halo Reach. There just hasn't been much form MS this year.

news4geeks2663d ago

Likewise you're desperate for it to end because you know the ps3 will eventually pass the 360 xD

lol @ all fanboys who just don't understand business.

shovelface882663d ago

Even if it did, which it likely won't, it's still been in last place for 4-5 years.

andrewsqual2663d ago

I will say it again. Every moron with a 360 has bought multiple machines. Anyone who works in retail fucking knows this. Do you honestly believe that alot of Slim 360s were bought by new adopters? No it was the xbots coming to get one because the almighty "Jasper" machine they were ranting on about getting, kicked the bucket too. How many of those 360s are in dumps and tossed aside? Did you never stop to think about that?

SuperLupe2663d ago

"Eventually" like in 20 or 30 years ? Were halfway through 2011 and PS3 isnt giving any sign of catching up "soon" and even less now since Kinect. I for one believe the postions wont be changing and the gap between PS3 and 360 will stay steady till the end of this gen.

You know, not too sure anyone believes in a miracle comeback of the PS3 since all the other miracle comeback plans have failed i.e mgs4, price cuts, slim model, gt5 and all the other " just wait till" claims.

duplissi2662d ago

sigh... the difference is only a few million by now. and at 50+ million each it hardly matters anyway.

fact: the 360 has a slightly larger install base and released a year earlier.

fact: the ps3 has outsold the 360 on a regular basis year to year since it launched.

there... now lets just be content that the xbox has done as well as it has- it certainly wasnt expected to, also be happy that someone gave sony the kick in the ass that it needed to make the ps3 what it is today.

just play your fucking games already.

madpuppy2662d ago

Frankly, you have to feel sad for the 360 gamers in general, (fanboys can suffer though) because when this generation ends Microsoft will stop supporting the 360 like they did with the Xbox 1, then it will be about as useful as a sega genesis ( great for classic games...and thats about it.)

Microsoft are the kings of forgetting its last generation even exists.

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firemassacre2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

yea we need consoles with exclusives...badly, its humiliating. ( us 360 gamers) as for ps3... bring it on! and keep doing what you do...cant wait to see what they have :)


andrewsqual, LOGIC fails here hard man...
we gamers outside of n4g know this but alot of people refuse to ACCEPT it. and bubbles for the truth.

zerochaos, well, ive always thought my 360 had the best GRAPHICS, and then i saw UNCHARTED, i wish i could get that from my 360. so anyways i bought a ps3.

TyrionL2663d ago

LOL @ YOU saying "us 360 gamers". Man you don't have a 360, but that troll was good for a laugh. I wonder why is it always PS3 only owner that complain about the 360 the most? At least on this site anyway.

duplissi2662d ago


you know just maybe... just maybe that there are 360 owners who would like some exclusives? you know the games that give you a reason to own a particular system. i would. i think this year the only 360 games im interested in are halo ce anniversary, and to a less extent gears 3. to be honest im disappointed.

multiplats are good and all but i get them for ps3 unless they are overwhelmingly better on the 360.

ZeroChaos2663d ago

So Xbox 360 owners are finally admitting they can't cope with teh Cell anymore?

lategamer2662d ago

The cells barely made a difference.

The PS3 was hyped to be insanely powerful. Dual 1080p at 60 FPS, 4D, etc.

Instead, graphically, games look just as good on both consoles. Crysis 2 for example, it looks just as good as Killzone, the beta for Gears 3 looked as good a Uncharted, Rage looks excellent everywhere, etc.

disturbing_flame2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Or maybe Ps3 users think they don't have to spend 400$ every 4 years to have a new console @ home.

BeastlyRig2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

You might have a piont! 360 owners seem to be ready for 720! Bring it on!!

720/PC games will leave everything behind tell the others are ready then..

curtis_boy2663d ago

I want this crappy gen to end so bad

MysticStrummer2663d ago

I'm not sure what's worse, PS3 fanboys being upset about a close third place finish or 360 fanboys being so happy about a distant second place finish. Personally I never saw anything that made me want to buy the console that has clearly won the generation, and the second place console has too few games I'm interested in to justify a purchase. For me the PS3 has been the best by far. I don't feel the need for a PS4 yet because there are games on the way through the end of this year and well into the next that I'm excited about. If E3 2012 comes and goes without any new and exciting PS3 games being shown, then I'll start to think about a new console.

XRider2663d ago

This will be the best deleted thread ever.

Inside_out2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

. true, that kind of honesty will get you in a lot of trouble around here.

The GDC was a big push by ALL people associated with game development from Crytek and Epic to AMD and Nvidia and the tech demo's said it all. They are ready and the next gen is going to be incredible!!!

Epic showed REAL time...

Crytek responded with this...

After watching these demo's, who in there right mind wants this gen to continue...0_o

ChozenWoan2662d ago

"After watching these demo's, who in there right mind wants this gen to continue...0_o "

My Wallet.

metsgaming2662d ago

haha xbots want it to end so they dont fall to third place because the ps3 will surpass it very soon. quit the opposite of what you said. Actually the real reason is there is nothing on the xbox besides multiplats and gears and your getting bored and want the next gen while ps3 is getting plenty of exclusives and the multiplats so we have plenty of great games.

Kon_Artist 2662d ago

the truth hurts.

knowing xbox is already maxed out and ps3 is still raping it in terms of quality and soon to come sales.

Platinum_k2662d ago

Last I've learned is that PS3 is actually in 2nd place right now in terms of hardware sold... Entire world, not just the US.

More PS3 out there working than 360.(blind fact)

XRider2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Do you have any evidence to support what you "learned"? I'm just going to go ahead and say no, and call you out as a liar.

Platinum_k2662d ago

I'm just going to go ahead and say YES, and call you(XRider) out as STUPID.

known multiple people having to buy their 3rd or even 5th XBOX 360 because of it.

WORLD > States...
Xbox is favoured in the US(duh!)... but too bad it isn't for the rest of the WORLD.

With all these great exclusives coming to PS3, the rate of sales are still increasing compared to the 360.

XRider2662d ago

Just as I thought, you pulled it all out of your ass. I asked for proof, not theory or opinion. Making up theories and lies doesn't help your cause. I'm just going to assume what you "learned" came from other fanboys who live on conspiracy theories like you.

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BubbleSniper2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

so what do you guys get for microsoft being in a tight 2nd place? a lollipop?

Dailynch2663d ago

No, we get an online service that doesn't allow our personal details to be stolen... oohhh zing!

ASSASSYN 36o2663d ago

Lol! You have received bubbles.

caseh2663d ago

Had no adverse affect on me and I got 4 free games and 2 months free access to a premium service. BOOM!

TBM2663d ago

You know I laugh at you fools who believe information was stolen, because if it happened the morons(gaming journalist) can't even say this with a straight face would still be harping over it saying sony should be sued, and all that crap.

All of you people who are so caught up in who's in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd are complete idiots, you get nothing from these companies as all they want is our money.

Your blind loyalty to plastic and wires is beyond stupidity. I own all 3 consoles, and my PS3 gets used more because it has the most variety of games that I like to play. My 360 hasn't been used at all this year as the last game I played on it was halo reach, and I don't even like this franchise (only getting it to play coop with friend since it was bungies last halo come to find out 4gig slims wouldn't let us play together); my system will finally get used this year when Gears 3 comes out.

Personally I want this gen to last a bit longer because this is an expensive hobby, and im not ready to spend mor for another console. But if it was to happen id only purchase the sony console because of the variety of games, and their willingness to support of types of games.

TheOtherTheoG2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Congrats, that was actually pretty funny, and not because I'm a 360 fanboy - not that I am a 360 fanboy anyway...

BubbleSniper2662d ago

this is why i don't come to the kinect circle jerk.

hahaha. good one though.

madpuppy2662d ago

and you will get all the support that the first xbox got after they released the 360....which was absolutely none. unless you buy the next generation xbox you will own an unsupported outdated piece of hardware that MS wants to forget....great company....blah

Platinum_k2662d ago

It stopped, and it was only for UNDER a month! Besides you have no proof data was actually "STOLEN"...

On the other hand, RROD is STILL happening, so is STUPIDITY.

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TheLastGuardian20102663d ago

I'm pretty sure Randy Pitchford of Gearbox said he would love for the current generation to continue.

Why developers are in such a rush for the new gen baffles me. There development costs are going to go up ten fold. If I was a developer I would be scared out of my mind knowing the next game I make, this 100 million next gen title, failing means my whole studio sinks (like the Lair devs for the ps3).

RedDead2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Devs have their talents restricted by the current hardware/ If any of them are passionate about their work they probably want a new gen

Oh and Andrewsqual up there, i've had 3 Xbox's and the current one sent away(E74). I haven't paid for any of it of course. Early adopters of the Ps3 weren't so lucky.

MysticStrummer2663d ago

You may have gotten free repairs and/or replacement, but I personally know five people who didn't. They had enough disposable income and videogame fever to just go and buy a new 360 when their first one died. After the second one died, most of that group did take advantage of the free replacement thing, but one of them still went to buy a new 360. He's the only one in the group to even own a 360 now. The rest finally bought PS3s after their 3rd and in one case 4th 360 died.

Thrillhouse2663d ago

I seriously doubt development costs would go up tenfold. Lots of developers, if not most, already make high res models and textures of the game assets and then scale them down for the game. Unless there's something else that makes costs go up.

TheEatingVodka2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Seriously the only people that don't want this current generation to end are PS3 fanboys.. I wonder why..

inb4onebubblebecauseilaugheda tpsfanboys

MysticStrummer2663d ago

Probably because we have games to look forward to through the end of this year and well into next year. It's no mystery why this article is from a 360 site.

GavLam882663d ago

We are getting fairly close to the next generation. Come next E3, I would like to see Microsoft and Sony show there hand as to how they envision the next gen so they can compete with the Wii U. By the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013..I think I would be ready to take the next gen leap. My PS3 is still going strong since there are still plenty of games that I want to play, so I am in no rush but it is coming close. I just hope that the next generation offerings from Microsoft and Sony are not overly expensive! Otherwise I may avoid being an early adopter this time around..