MS warns against Kinect 'Zoom' modification

Microsoft has responded to news of Nyko's space-saving Kinect 'Zoom' peripheral - and the Redmond giant hasn't exactly given the product its blessing.

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Wikkid6662664d ago

My only concern with this may be with the extra weight it puts on the sensor. In the long run it may cause issue with adjustment motor.

Dlacy13g2663d ago

while I fully agree that could be an issue. Kinect on a whole doesn't go through a lot of motor adjustments. I really only notice its initial start up motion...once in play it has never moved for any game for me. So I would think the possible "damage" from the weight would be minimal... also that Nyko lense is all plastic including the lenses so I cant see it being crazy heavy.

FlashXIII2664d ago

Seems like a standard company response.. they're just pissed that they won't be making any money from this peripheral. To be fair though it's a joke that Nyko are the ones coming out with it.. Microsoft should be looking into this themselves.

Raoh2663d ago

Here is the reason why

"Nyko says it is "proud of the design and technology accomplishments achieved with the Zoom", and has taken out multiple patents to "ensure the first and only play space reduction lens for Kinect remains a mainstay of the Nyko line".

Microsoft makes money off of their competitors and partners. They can't use the patent without paying nyko, and nyko isnt going to share any profits from it since it owns the patents and does not have to share them with microsoft. So microsoft will dismiss it even thought it could potentially make kinect more appealing and help it sell more. but if ms isn't in on the initial action, it doesnt want any part of it. This is the same case with blu rays. MS is not supporting it cause it hates blu ray or has better options, its because the blu ray association aren't using any microsoft codecs or patents for ms to charge license fees, therefore ms sees no benefit to them.

hmmmm2663d ago

MS's VC-1 codec is one of the more commonly used codec's for blu-ray alongside MPEG-4 AVC.

Raoh2663d ago

It's a choice to use VC-1, which was optimized for hd-dvd and an after thought for blu ray. Blu Ray uses a java technology for their menu system so vc-1 is very limited on blu ray, its takes middleware tools to get it working properly and since the menu system isn't using one created by microsoft, they don't see the need to upgrade it.

Gen0ne2663d ago

Flash and Raoh ( above ) are exactly right. Which makes me giggle, 'cause I'm buying this thing day one. Why MS didn't think of this in the 1st place is beyond me.

Dlacy13g2663d ago

I am sure MS is wishing they had to a degree for sure. I suppose its possible they felt the distance issue wouldn't be that big of a deal, maybe the original specs of Kinect had a better lense as well so it wasnt as big an issue until they decided to cut on costs. Ideally you really dont want a lense looking through a lense.

Roper3162663d ago

MS was probably or is going to release something similar down the line for like 10X the price, so they can't endorse this version or they won't be able to overcharge for their version.

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