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Level 5 have once again created a vast and competent RPG, but it has failed to reach the upper echelons the best in the genre achieve, being more slow-and- steady rather than thrill-a-minute. JRPGs have fallen out of favour recently, so buyers need be aware that this is very much JRPG-centric. There's plenty of content to keep fans of this type of RPG happy, but it certainly won't appeal to everyone.

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user13372659d ago

I'll agree with the "wont appeal to everyone" bit. It does require a lot of time and effort...but I guess thats why I enjoy it so much. Always something to do, some item to get, some weapon or armour to bind.

Veneno2659d ago

WKC is a good game buried under a blah storyline and blah characters. I can't see many enjoying this outside of Japan and those that must get every JRPG they can get their hands on because there are many more rpg's more worth your time than this.

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2659d ago

I agree, under storyline and characters there is a good game.

The problem is that -I think- good story and characters are fundamental in a JRPG/RPG! This is why I didn' t like the first one and I won' t buy the second one.
If WKC II is like WKC then it deserves a 6.5/10

Level 5 must quit on WKC and start to work a lot better on a new project as soon as possible.