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Paint by numbers role playing worsened by clumsy mechanics and a lack of ambition, and potential for stronger identity hurt by an absence of any unique selling point. For the biggest fans of the franchise and genre only.

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newleaf2713d ago

It really seems like this series is average at best and only the core fanbase that enjoyed the first will enjoy this sequel.

NewMonday2713d ago

jaded reviewers.

this is what happens when everyone in the blogosphere gets 10 free games a week from publishers

newleaf2713d ago

At some point we have to dispense with the paid reviews conspiracy theory and just admit that some ps3 exclusives are in fact average. They can't all be Uncharted you guys

NewMonday2713d ago

i meant reviewers are over loaded, most even review genres they don't even like.

general user comments are favorable, if you go in with the right expectations you will enjoy it very much.

Troll-without-Bridge2713d ago

This is a hardcore RPG. Not a cinematic experience or streamlined for the softcore of this generation.

NewMonday2713d ago

if you mean FF13, yeas the gameplay is better and deeper, exploration, progression, combat you can control, NPcs and towns, a true RPG, FF13 is only better in story and graphics.

baodeus2712d ago


so a story isn't essential to RPG? It is that the entire purpose of RPG is to have a story?

laaakokaracha2713d ago

sorry but this review is completely wrong! its an amazing game with great graphics, lots of content, good stroy and nice combat...what else do you want of an rpg?

Minato-Namikaze2713d ago

I have about 10 friends in japan and europe and they all love this games. Seems like reviewers don't like jrpg's in general but that doesn't make it a bad game. I'll be picking this up day 1

himdeel2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I agree with you Minato. From the reviews I've read they all seem to hate the game because it is a traditional jrpg. From the reviews I've read even when they score the game so low, their description of what's there in the game sounds amazing.

It also sounds like a offline mmorpg. This part is particularly interesting for those of us who've played PC mmorpgs but would love the option to play another mmorpg but need to pause gameplay from time to time. Also having both games on one disc is very nice for folks like myself who are new to the series and missed out on the first game.

I believe that many of these so called reviewers don't know or just haven't experienced a jrpg in so long they don't know how to approach it's core structure and gameplay mechanics objectively.

Some of these reviews can be paraphrased with, "I didn't like 'x' so it's broken." or "'X' was too hard and doing 'z' took too long and the developer should have done it like 'y' game."

chaolankennedy2713d ago

It's great for what it is. An offline story mode, although cliche, spanning two game, improved mechanics and a free MMORPG mode.

It's great value for the cost and a blast with friends. It's a 7 at worst.

coolbeans2713d ago

Why do I see a "It's a 7 at worst" quote for basically every PS3 exclusive that receives a review score (whether once or on occasion) below a 7?

baker_boi2713d ago

Well that's funny, cause this is the first time I've seen this statement. Or maybe I just don't hang out around here enough.

But I know this game doesn't deserve a D- grade.

If you're going to give it a "Too Human" type of score at least don't describe how great the game is and then give it a 6 because, "It's a JRPG".

That's the most idiotic and ignorant I've seen by far out of the "Down with the JRPG's!" saga.

Yet Dungeon Seige and Torch Light, and other shit like that, gets 8's. And for what? A top down system with little people, and a comparable but less deep combat system.

But I digress, Im done talkin bout it. Unless the game is from Square-Enix or Namco Bandai it seems like you bout to get yourself a nice lil 5.0 or 6.

coolbeans2713d ago

^ " least don't describe how great the game is and then give it a 6 because, 'It's a JRPG'. "

You do realize the summary to this article calls it a "paint by numbers role playing game worsened by clumsy mechanics and lack of ambition", right? I really fail to see how you're able to dive into a review like this and say they call it a great game.

Something else to note: Mistwalker JRPG's have been able to recieve a good reception as well.

baodeus2712d ago


I haven't play dungeon siege, but Torch light is an arcade games (comparing a full game to an arcade game now?). Nontheless, it has superior customizations, skills trees, loots ect... "think diablo". Combat wise, it is a hack and slash type of RPG games (diablo) not like WKC type of RPG. If you want good RPG that are similar in style, go for Lost Odyssey, TOV, demon soul, or valkyrie chronicals for example. WKC just can't be compare to those games though.

baker_boi2712d ago


And exactly what's making the Controls clumsy?

You only walk around and press a button to attack. No jumping, no complicated inputs, or any other complex real-time interactions that would make the argument of controls being "clumsy" valid in this game.

The combo system is also automated so no chips there.

And I could give a flippin truck if it's an exclusive, Too Human was an exclusive too and they gave the game 4's and 5's.

And did you read the review? They had alot of good things to say about the game and then gave it a trashcan score.

As far as comparing WKC to Torch Light and Dungeon seige they play the same way. The exception is there is no "cool down" for attacking. You kill the things on the map, they drop loot, you move on. We're doing the same thing here.

You wouldn't compare WKC to Valkyria Chronicles or Demon's Souls. There both different playing styles. One is tactics simulation and the other is a Action(RPG)game.

And c'mon @dude below; Blue Dragon was garbage. I had already played that game on PS2. It was called Okage: Shadow King.

All I'm sayin is, this aint a 5/6 game. I don't even usually read reviews or care that they're there, these 5's and shit are some straight BS.

coolbeans2712d ago


I haven't played the game, I'm only pointing out what's been stated in the review summary. Plz stop using the tactic of comparing reviews to other games to cry fault in the reviewer's opinion. We all have a right to disagree with it and move on; that is something I recommend you do.

If Too Human and WKC2 both have 65 metas at the end of the day, that's the way the cookie crumbles. 65 isn't that bad anyway. Fans of the genre are sure to find so enjoyment with the game. Don't smudge other games that JUST SO HAPPEN to be exclusive to a less favorable platform.

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TheDivine2712d ago

Dude torchlight and ds3 get 8's because theyre fun games. This series sucks. Just because its a ps3 exclusive doesnt mean its the best in the genre. Its bland, boring, the only half decent part is the mmo online questing. Just go buy tales of vesperia, lost odyssey, blue dragon, magna carta 2, vakyria chronicles, eternal sonata, ANYTHING else lol. Jrpgs get fair reviews, check out the reviews for GOOD games geez. Im a huge jrpg fan, i beat wkc 1, it was 6.