A Collection of Wiis Gathering Dust

Kotaku - As more and more seasoned gamers let their consoles fall by the wayside, the jingoism "my Wii is gathering dust" became common. These Wii controllers? They've literally gathered dust.

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Titanz2660d ago

Ok, it's understandable for people not to use certain electronic things for a while, but don't you clean them?


Spitfire_Riggz2659d ago

My wii actually just started heating up. I discovered the amazing world of Super Mario Galaxy

ChronoJoe2659d ago

"Wired reader Gregory Gay"

lol I'm immature but lol :P

TheColbertinator2659d ago

Mine isn't gathering dust but I stopped playing my Wii.I played or own the good games.Unless I have a sudden urge for Carnival Games and other shovelware,I will wait for Rune Factory.

poopturd_mcgee2659d ago

I don't think you're using the word jingoism right.

Ayer992659d ago

It is SO hard to play every good game for Wii. Heck, it is hard to play every great game for Wii. Wait, correction, it is hard to play every masterpiece for Wii. There are just SO MANY! A true gamer realizes that a you don't have to limit the games you play to those that have came out in the last year. Instead of waiting for titles that probably aren't coming, go back and revisit (or discover for the first time) some of the many games that are worth playing for Wii.

CrescentFang2659d ago

You're absolutely right, people should open themselves to more games than popular titles or games that are reviews and revered as great. Remember those days, where we didn't know which games were good or bad? And than years later you found out it wasn't as good as you thought, but you got some good memories out of playing them. (Though obvious quick cash ins should be avoided)

Ayer992658d ago

Yah, I still read reviews, but I usually don't base my purchases on them.

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