Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 console costs £269.99

A pre-order listing on GAME's website has priced the Limited Edition Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 console at £269.99.

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slavish32659d ago

wow why? gamestop sells 20gb model for $99. then pick this up for 59.99! why $300+ for this?

lashes2ashes2659d ago

what the fuck are you talking about. 300 dollers is not a bad price for a 320 gig 360s. you're comment makes no sense.

slavish32659d ago Show
montyburns0002658d ago


don't be a fuckin dick, nobody cares you looked on newegg and bought a hdd.

why do we always see ps3 douchebags bragging about buying a hdd on this site? like takes some sort of special talent to shop online.

gamingdroid2658d ago

The regular Xbox 360 250GB console cost $300 MSRP. For a $100 more, you get the game, special DLC, an extra controller, custom limited artwork, extra controller and a 320GB hard drive.

Not cheap, but reasonably priced.

lashes2ashes2659d ago

dude chill the fuck out. there was nothing in you post to let people know what you were talking about. yes Microsoft sells there hard drive's for way to much. everybody already knows that, there was nothing in you're post to let me know that's what you were talking about. and great job calling me a troll. look at my comment history. its clear im not a troll.

DiRtY2658d ago

And it will sell like hotcakes.

coolbeans2658d ago

You need to reword to title to say "Xbox 360 bundle". Let's on that solely the console is being sold for that price (look at first post), when that's clearly not the case.

omi25p2657d ago

I just want the controller. I hope they are sold seperatly at game or amazon.