Biggest gaming scandals

These are the events which stunned or shamed the video game industry. Think Tiger Woods' sexcapades, only throw in a joystick, miss-informed reporters and big pot of hot coffee.

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bozebo2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

RRoD is bigger than hot coffee. Also, it can't be as little as 23% lol (because its a design flaw and therefore 100% of original and first elite release machines will succumb to it if used enough), also - everybody I know who owns or has owned an xbox has had RRoD, that would be 100% in that particular 'test group'. Maby 23% of xboxes currently in use could still have it happen though.

KingDustero2661d ago

I'm actually quite unlucky. I've had THREE systems fail now, but NONE of them died because of the RROD. It has ALWAYS been the disk drive failing, which joyfully is NOT covered by the three year warranty.

M$ is dead to me now.