Target shipment of Sony PS3 may be halved

Sony's target shipment volume of four million PlayStation 3 (PS3) consoles by the end of this year is likely to be cut to two million units because volume production is not set yet, according to sources in Taiwan's game console manufacturing industry.

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TheMART5866d ago

I predict that half will be even halved!

This is Dying!

Silver3605866d ago

Sony is an electronics manufactuer. They are used to doing things like this. They can make 10 million if they wanted to in 2 days. Come on SONY is all knowing and powerful how could they be wrong.

This is!

TheMART5866d ago

Oh like they did with the PSP that was nowhere to be found after launch for at least 5 months???

Remember? That was also your big mighty mouse SOny

Gh0stDrag0n5866d ago

I better get my 4 preorders, I'm counting on 3 of them to pay for a new PC. Crysis needs a better one than I have now. ;)

Mikey_Gee5866d ago

Yeah, no sh*t.

My pre-orders best work out.

One PS3 for me and the other for E-Bay at 10x the price to all the TRUE GEEKS out there.

Marty83705866d ago

If Sony pull off 6 million PS3's by march 2007,thats alot faster than M$ managed in 8-9 months..

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