Is it possible to fall in love with a loading bar?

GamesRadar - There's not much love for loading bars. But why should there be? Their ubiquity in games is not based on an overwhelming popularity for their normally-horizontal-but-someti mes-spinning sexy charms. No. They are everywhere in games because games make us wait around a lot and the loading bar merely provides a little graphical reassurance that something is happening. So it's understandable that these hard-working visual devices go largely unnoticed and unloved.

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fr0sty2662d ago

I like em', gives me a moment to hit the bowl before the action starts.

BigWillys2662d ago

Or a before a few sips of the brew.

thereapersson2662d ago

It wasn't a loading bar, but the screen during installation in Metal Gear Solid 4 was quite entertaining.

hazelamy2662d ago

or make a four course meal if you're playing DNF. (^_^)

Jdoki2662d ago

Get rid of 'em!! Down with Loading Bars I say!

I hope the next gen of machines go a long way to removing these immersion intruding devices! I can live with them at the start of a game, but a rude intrusion mid way through, or every damn time I open a door (Elder Scrolls Oblivion I'm looking at you!!) is a step too far!

k2d2662d ago

More like overlooked than underrated.

Laypoof2662d ago

Not possible if you're gaming on a cartridge-based system ;)

God I miss the N64 so much...

Spitfire_Riggz2662d ago

Dude I have been playing the crap out of mine lately... best console ever i swear

TheColbertinator2662d ago

I fell in love with a memory card once.It always had time for me,remembered everything we said and I could bring her wherever I went.I'm dating a hard drive now but I always have memory card in my heart(storage)

thereapersson2662d ago

Haha, funny stuff bro. Have a bubble :)

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The story is too old to be commented.