IGN - Gearbox Founder Labels Wii U a 'Stop-Gap' Console

IGN - By its own admission, Nintendo's reveal of the Wii U at this year's E3 was less than ideal. There was the initial confusion over whether the Wii U was a new console or merely a new controller for the existing Wii, there was the lack of any real technical specifications revealed, and then there was the fact that the gameplay demonstrations appeared to exhibit a level of graphical quality that merely matched the standards of current generation Xbox 360 and PS3 games rather than exceed them.

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Shok2661d ago

There will be "textures at a resolution that you haven't seen on [the current] generation,"

Sounds good, and he also confirms that the hardware isn't close to being finalized yet. Sounds like the 3rd-party support for this thing will be just fine.

jony_dols2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

The last console 'stop-gap' between generations was the Dreamcast ,wasn't it?


lzim2660d ago

indeed and it only failed so spectacularly because of bad management of 1st party titles, lack of proper DRM, no DVD support (which DC2 would have addressed), lack of 3rd party support and lack of parent company confidence in the brand.

meaning the hardware itself was fine, but it was born in a minefield and its parent ran away.

ubt in this case stop-gap would probably mean the console that shouldn't have been released because it wasn't enough to stand with the others and would be culled and replaced by a more appropriate console later on, thus both Wii and Wii U are stop-gaps, until we see the real commitment from Nintendo (strong) and 3rd parties (also strong but only on paper so far).

Wii U can and will stand by itself if the price and 3rd party support is there and consumers, seasoned and fresh, are willing to support it. at least long enough to have a 3 horse race again with Wii U in a good lead.

admiralthrawn872661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

i honestly don't care about the processing power. i play mostly older games anyways. games these days are getting stale and unexciting. this industry needs the Wii U right now. like it or not. more processing power with same playstyle will just lead to another stale generation. how often have you gotten that feel from games from this generation that you did when you first played zelda, final fantasy, metal gear solid, halo, knights of the old republic, shenmue etc... not very often

Titanz2661d ago

And I'm sure you'll find some on the Nintendo Wii U.

Shok2661d ago

I know exactly what you mean by the games staling. It's funny how people bash the Wii U for being different while at the same time, they want a buffed-up PS3 with Daul-Shock 4 (PS4). I don't get it, you want to play your games the same way you've been playing them for over a DECADE? And Nintendo's garbage for doing something new?

BUT, gotta disagree with you on the processing power. Yes, it doesn't take amazing graphics to make good games, but I care about processing power now because that determines how well the 3rd-party support will be for the system. So in that sense, it is important.

ChickeyCantor2661d ago

Processing power also unleashes freedom for designers/developers.

Nintendo did a very good job with Mario galaxy.
Now they literally have a beast ( considering how well they do on their own hardware), it can not be ignored that this is going to be one of the best Nintendo generations ever.