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Once again American McGee manages an intriguing story and compelling package that throws new light on aspects of the twisted mind of Alice ripe. The loneliness and remorse that dwell in his heart and in the real world collide with a thirst for revenge and responses in the wonderland of moors destroyed. The story not only because of the cut scenes but also pleasant comic book-style movies, can further enhance the already evocative narration. An adventure indeed able to entertain with his unique mix of platforming gameplay and hack'n'slash. While it is not without some flaws that are a little to affect the gameplay Alice: Madness Returns is a sure way of interest can be appreciated by the public thanks to a remarkable artistic work and script that will not disappoint fans of the first chapter.

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guitar_nerd_232663d ago

Love this game. Finished it yesterday. Highly recommended.

Sinterfire2663d ago

Nice I just got this game for 40$. I'll start playing it next week sometime.

Inception2663d ago

Got this game for PC. The graphic's good, story a little boring but still good, and gameplay a bit repetitive.