Mass Effect movie – destined to be crap or awesome

From Geeksweat: "After hearing the first whispers about the Mass Effect movie in production, I got overly excited and said and thought things I shouldn’t have. Things like, 'Oh this could be the Star Wars for a new generation, if done right.' One or two (or more) of my game and film loving friends thought that it was more likely to suck."

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dc12661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Mediocre is not an option?

.. to the article- Yes. It can be good. However it will rest with the producer, director and script. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

femshep2661d ago

is it wrong for me to hope for an horrible yet good movie?

Blacktric2661d ago

It's going to revolve around First Contact War so I don't think there's too much chance for them to screw up. Besides, Bioware is heavily supporting the film and Casey Hudson is one of the producers. I don't think that too much can go wrong with the movie since we'll barely be able to see the characters we saw in the games so far. They'll have major amount of freedom with the script and characters.

SageHonor2661d ago

Hmmm, Star Trek was pretty good.. Hollywood doesnt usually screw up sc-fi movies like that. It has a chance, I just need to find out more about the producers and director

Sugreev20012661d ago

You obviously haven't seen Wing Commander,Battlefield Earth etc. Hollywood screws up every genre once in a while.I hope the scriptwriters and the director consult with Bioware,so that it stays truthful to the franchise.

SageHonor2661d ago

Yeah i havent seen that lol... I heard it was awful. Thanks for warning me. I also agree, consulting with bioware will help tremendously

bozebo2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

10% - awesome film, truely amazing
80% - pile of crap film-of-game junk
10% - alright film

dey are teh outcome possibilitiez ^

CryWolf2661d ago

If there's ever a Mass Effect movie they can't cut any corners like the star trek movies it needs to be almost like Star Wars.

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The story is too old to be commented.