Six great upcoming games to get this summer

Do you need a few more video games to help get you through the rest of this hot, hot summer? The Game Guys have a half-dozen cool new releases coming out in July and August to suggest.

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TheSoundDefense2660d ago

I'm looking toward Catherine and El Shaddai, myself. Both of them look quite interesting, and El Shaddai was a lot of fun at E3, though a little repetitive.

The Great Melon2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I am not typically a pre-order person, but as I see more of the small studios shutting down as of recent I don't want games like Catherine and El Shaddai to be forgotten. Though Atlus isn't in any dire position I remember reading an interview with Ignition Entertainment that stated that depending on how well El Shaddai does will determine if they take more creative choices in the future. Looking at the comments for both of these games, I am happy that many others have noticed these games.

Tuxmask552659d ago

Catherine and El Shaddai are in my list for sure. I'm undecided about Oblivion, though.

Pintheshadows2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

That is all I care about. In general, not just gamewise.

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