The Death of the American JRPG

As you may know, games such as Pandora’s Tower, The Last Story and Xenoblade shall not be going to the Americas. Nothing unusual in that, they are cult RPGs and they often don’t leave Japan. The strange thing is while they won’t be visiting New York or Los Angeles, they will be coming to Europe. Maybe they like the Eiffel Tower better than the Statue of Liberty.

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agentxk2663d ago

Missing these 3 hurt but losing out on Mother 3 hurts the most. Sometimes I can't understand the decisions a company that supports so much shovelware makes.

Not listening to core gamers
Making poor localization decisions (eShop!)
Refusing to support some of the most standard technologies?

C'mon Nintendo, you were better than that

Peaceful_Jelly2663d ago

they always been like that.

Godmars2902663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Just can't can't forgive us for the whole tea in the bay thing, can you?

"C'mon Nintendo, you were better than that"

Given that you're likely using the good old days of the SNES era as a basis for this misconception, what actual recent example do you have? Mad World?

maskren2663d ago

The JRPG is caught up in its own culture of being a JRPG half the time. You just don't see character models in a JRPG without ridiculous swords and hair. American gamers just don't associate with that kind of thing anymore...

Peaceful_Jelly2663d ago

the sad true. I enjoy Japanese games because I like that quirky stuff and anime but most North Americans prefer the more realistic action packed stuff.

Orionsangel2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Personally I think the entire Japanese gaming scene is too caught up in its own culture. They're too traditional and stuck in their old ways with no room for outside influences. That's why western developers surpassed them.

Don't get me wrong either. No one says Japanese games have to totally change and be like Western games. They need to evolve into a form that better competes with modern western games. While still having that quirky Japanese style.

Lord_Sloth2663d ago

You saying the same 3 games westerners keep remaking surpass Japan?

Optical_Matrix2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

And you say this, denying the fact that the US game development scene isn't caught up in their own culture as well? How many gun totting, bald, white young men have we seen as main characters in games this gen? Not to mention the ridiculous amount of US focused military shooters. The US is guilty of the same thing, but because their games are more popular in the west, they get a free pass. Japanese games need to evolve. Western developers need to be more original.

To me, you'll also generally find that although JRPG's are archaic in their gameplay, the character depth and immersive story and world is what makes them. That's something the haters don't realize and thats why people still buy these games in their thousands.

Orionsangel2663d ago

I'm not just talking about FPS games and especially not just war games. I'm mostly talking about Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Flower, Journey, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Portal to name a few. Games that are thinking outside the box, be it in graphics, gameplay and how a story is told in a game.

Lord_Sloth2663d ago

Tell that to the modern Otaku. It's not all "Rediculous Swords and Hair" that makes a JRPG. They generally have better character development than just the same ol macho gun toting bald freak every1 seems to prefer. It's annoying as hell that Picaso can be recognized as a great artist yet Nomura and the like get bashed.

maniacmayhem2663d ago

I'm really going to disagree with you on the whole "japanese have better character development"
Some games do but it's mostly guy/girl with odd color hair must get stronger to beat the evil empire. Throw in some wacky powers and over the dramatic scenes and blam there you have it. i have had more fun with western rpgs than i had with the current crop coming from Japan.

And this from someone who played rpgs exclusively for snes, ps1 and ps2.

Hicken2663d ago

If you've been playing for that long, then you should be familiar with the characters/gameplay of SMT/Persona or Xenosaga, which don't really follow those things at all. Hell, it's also not true of the Star Ocean games, or the Atelier games, or the Disgaea games, or the Ar Tonelico games, or... you see where I'm going with this, don't you?

Lord_Sloth2663d ago

I've been gaming for a long time as well and W"RPGs" are all very samey without an abundance of characters to begin with. The main plot is fairly vague and the sub plots are even worse.

JRPGs may have a more linear storyline on average, but that storyline is better told and more interesting with a colorful cast of characters.

maskren2663d ago

Well, yeah. I happen to like art.

So between going to a museum and looking at Picasso's (It's with two s's) work, and looking at Final Fantasy-themed artwork, I will choose Picasso.

Maybe you should too. Pablo Picasso went through several periods: Blue, Rose, Cubic, Surrealist, and so on. Each of these periods helped distinguish him as a revolutionary artist. When I look at Nomura, I see the same layered hair, anyway you look at it.

Frankly, the macho gun toting thing doesn't even hold up. I mean yes, John Shepard exists and everyone loves him. But you have to take into consideration other "western" protagonists in their games: Dragon Age, The Witcher, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and so on. All of them have masculine traits, yes, but none of them are bald.

It's just the Japanese culture that identifies its aesthetic principles in a certain way. If you relate to it, it's probably because you have a good long history watching anime. Anime has given the Japanese a fixed notion of how characters grow, show emotion, and express themselves. For Americans, even those who have watched anime extensively, those tropes have gotten old.

Forgive me for using Joystiq as a source, but it fits my argument:

Lord_Sloth2662d ago

Picasso's never been my thing. His art looks like it belongs on Nickelodeon or something. Nothing compared to Larry Elmore or Brom.

Fallout and Oblivion have no set protagonists beyond what you yourself choose to design so there's no imagination in them beyond your own. Also, I don't really consider either of them RPGs. Oblivion is an Adventure/RPG and Fallout is a Shooter/RPG.

I'll concede to the Witcher actually having a design of his own, but that still doesn't make for a vast amount of differing characters in Western Developed titles. We have 1 who stands out drastically.

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ViserysTargaryen2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Yup, the problem with JRPG is how they're caught up in Japan's own anime culture, a culture that most in the Western world do not identify with. Hence they find JRPGs to be too flamboyant and emo when compared to the western RPGs which tend to be gritty and badass.

Troll-without-Bridge2663d ago

They do as much as they always did, which is to say very little. Going by your generalization americans go by bald, generic looking dudes.

Xof2663d ago Show
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meganick2663d ago

Couldn't another company step up and publish these titles?

EYEamNUMBER12663d ago

all 3 of these tittles were made by nintendo with the exception of last story that was co developed by mistwalker

meganick2663d ago

I know, but what I'm asking is couldn't another publisher step up and publish these titles for North America since Nintendo doesn't seem interested?

EYEamNUMBER12663d ago

nah the big companies usually never really let others publish their games when they don't want to

there might be 1 day when they do feel like releasing em or releasing em as downloads but then the guy who did publish the games would have the rights to do so and would have to be cut in $$$

least that is why i think they wouldn't let anyone else publish em

Kos-Mos2663d ago

Well I have a different view on these things. Xenosaga and Xenogears made the fanatic christians in usa raise their swords because of highly religious materials that is not considered ok by christian people.
They were released eventually because it was only a game and games were not as popular then as it is now. Censorship didn`t believe the fanatics that these game could have a impact on peoples minds and faith.
I`m sure Xenoblade will have many intertextual references to christianity in a way that makes the christians in usa roar.
It`s different times now as games have become bigger.
Land of the free and home of the brave, but not land where you can watch and play everything.

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