4 Reasons Why Halo 4 Could Be The Series' Best

HG writes: "With the announcement of Halo 4 without long-time developers Bungie on board, a lot of us are worried about the fate of the franchise. Fear not, as we bring 4 reasons why Halo 4 could be the best in the series yet!"

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aviator1892661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I'm pretty excited as well for having Frank O'Conner back on board at the helm of a new halo trilogy. I just hope Halo 4 maintains the core halo feel that all halo titles before reach were known for.

Washington-Capitals2661d ago

Although i dont have the privilege of owning a 360, i know for a fact the Halo multi-player is the most polished and 'skill' required game on consoles. That was Bungie's legacy, will be interesting to see what this new studio can do.

jonboi242661d ago

its far from being the most polished, there's always been a couple of balancing issues i believe with its mp. though most mp do their issues. though i thought bad company 2's mp was a pretty tight experience.

Washington-Capitals2661d ago

@pixel, you are pretty late with that .gif image. please stop now.

Bigpappy2661d ago

Yeah. I am excited to see what they do with Halo. New areas and enemies would be nice. They could also add some neck twisting and stomping to the up close combat. These things make you feel more aggressive and personal.

bobrea2661d ago

blah blah blah. Do we really need articles like this for EVERY sequel to EVERY game?

Legionaire20052661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Yeah we need articles like this to keep the hype up. I am looking for any incentive to like this game again like Halo Combat Evolved, which I thought was the best one.

bobrea2661d ago

So you're saying you need repetitive articles for each major sequel release in order to be excited for something? This website has just turned into a dump of recycled stories with different game names and top 10 lists.

Legionaire20052661d ago


If you don't like this article then don't comment simple as that. Since you said repetitive articles, then are you going to repeat yourself in every last one to get your point a cross? I will answer that for you lol!!! No.

aviator1892661d ago

this is actually a great read if you're a halo fan and provides insight into what can make halo 4 a superb entry into the series, so this isn't just "blah blah blah."

TXIDarkAvenger2661d ago

Better than Halo 1 and 2?....I hope so. I have pretty high hopes for this game because I honestly didn't like Reach compared to Halo 3. If this game turns out to be a flop, I guess I could always fall back on Halo 1 HD remake ;D

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