Aussies: One Week Left to Have Your Say on Classification in Australia

AusGamers reminds active gamers in Australia there's only one week left to submit your official stance on the Classification Review scheme, before the next SCAG (Standing Committee of Attorney-Generals) meeting which is set to make a final decision on a classification overhaul that could include the introduction of an R18+ for games. Only 70+ submissions have been so far, and most of these are from conservative groups looking to abolish the review scheme.

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billythepunk2664d ago

Thanks to all approvers - if you're an Aussie, try and make this post hit some serious degrees, we need to really make an impact for the next SCAG

BitbyDeath2664d ago

Looks like a nightmare to fill in.

billythepunk2664d ago

Not really, took me about 10 minutes, with some thought :)

Tranzefuze2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I just wanted to say that the both the Aussies but also the Germans have my support in the battle against their screwed up rating systems.

I hope you'll get to enjoy games to the same degree as me in the near future.

/Swedish dude


Omg i can't fill all that in. English is not my first language and i guess they would get very suspicious if i'm misspelling and using bad grammar, heh.

GrumpyVeteran2664d ago

The sad thing is only the crazy extremists against it can be stuffed to fill all that out :(