In 5 Minutes Podcast: WoW Updates, Bye-Bye LulzSec and CoD Breaks Records

In this edition, Nik is joined by Leigh as Dan is still missing, the guys cover WoW news, CoD, Minecraft, LulzSec calling it quits and Howard Stringer being asked to quit his job too! All this in just 5 minutes, well near enough!

Covered in the show:
World of Warcraft’s 4.2 Patch
World of Warcraft “Start Edition” as WoW goes free-to-play
Tribes joins the free-to-play “in-crowd”
Sony CEO, Howard Stringer, was asked to step down by his peers
Lulzsec call it quits after their 50 days of fame
Good News! – The Black Eyed Peas are getting a video game
Minecraft 1.7 is out this Thursday
Minecraft 1.8 – “The Adventure Update” looks absolutely fantastic
Information about Mojang’s new game, Scrolls
Call Of Duty: Black Ops breaks UK sales records

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