Far Cry 3, Wii U Online & Battlefield 3 In 60 Seconds writes: Ubisoft have stated that Far Cry 3 will be 10 times bigger than Far Cry 2, Wii U online will be handled by the publishers and Battlefield 3 won't be offering mod support.

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jidery2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

*61 seconds

Anyway Nintendo is in a bad situation here, leaving the online to the developers is a bad idea. Also Dice is ruining Battlefield 3 with the lack of MODS, as MODS are a highlight to PC games. I thought B3 was going to be build with a PC focus, but it can't offer one of the most sought after PC features? Epic fail.

egidem2661d ago

Nintendo's decision of leaving it up to the developers is just a bad move. This will cause the developers to implement core features that were supposed to be present on the Wii U already and the end result will be an expensive game.

Really Nintendo, no centralized online network?? Come on, how are you going to lure in the hardcore now?

Active Reload2661d ago

Where do you get such an idea from? Is there an example of this?

Playbox2661d ago

Wow, Nintendo really needs to think this one over. They have the funds to build a secure, stable, and awesome network. They are shooting themselves in the foot to leave their online to devs.

firemassacre2661d ago

wii u could be a beast (soft of)

Kamikaze1352661d ago

Let's just hope it's 10 times more fun

jacen1002661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

hold on, what do pc's do online they leave it to other companys like steam and gamespy most of the time pc users use 3rd party apps to join online games and interact how is this a bad idea?
good idea if ui ask me look at the hacks goin on MS got hacked and so did PSN
this heairy faced clown is talkn a load of b+++++

matey2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Its because devs have argued with sony/microsoft in the past when they wanted features in there that would make the game better and couldnt now they can 4 wiiu and thats a bad decision plus wiiu is open online not closed network like live/psn plus wiiu is alot more powerful so with video chat and just about everything from the off its going to be all about a more social online experience rather than fantasy XP and Achievments bullshit that means nothing a more social experience being able to see the strager thats wooping ur ass at Mario kart or dirt 3 or even BF3 ect is alot better than achievments ect in most peoples eyes except the hardcore xbox gamers that cant let go evn when something much better is stairing them in the eyes