Amazon Kicks Off Buy 1, Get 1 Free Xbox 360 Kinect Game Offer

"Amazon has kicked off a Buy 1, Get 1 Free offer on select Xbox 360 Kinect Games!

There are currently 11 Kinect games to choose from, but get browsing now before the selection thins out..."

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BakedGoods2688d ago

Are they not selling?

At least grab Child of Eden.

units2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

child of eden is a slow burner but eventually get there

FlashXIII2688d ago

If Child of Eden isn't selling, things are looking bleak for kinect games. This is the only game that has the potential to appeal to core gamers (like 75% of the 360 audience at the very least) and if they can't even shift that..well it's not a good sign.

sickpup2688d ago

Did anyone else notice they jacked the prices up to double of what they were selling for just for this B1G1 sale? Its not a deal, its a rip off.