DICE Hires creator of BF2 Sandbox Mod

Looks like DICE have hired the man behind the Battlefield 2 sandbox mod. Could that mean that they are working on a Battlefield 3 sandbox editor instead of mod tools?

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Dart892662d ago

How do pc players feel about this??

Christopher2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Would be a bit funny to see this end up being true.

Yesterday: "No BF3! Go to hell EA!"

Tomorrow: "Awesome! I love you EA! All games should have this!"

@Agent-86: That's how much a mod starts and ends. You can get up to 9 bubbles, which is what I had prior to being given the pleasure of moderating here.

Agent-862662d ago

Holy crap, 10 bubbles?! Is that what N4G Moderators start with?

evrfighter2662d ago

see what I mean

how is the talent gonna be found when mod tools are being snubbed

Septic2662d ago

You managed to get 9 bubbles?

I can't comprehend the mental gymnastics involved in successfully achieving that. And here I am struggling to get 4!

On a site where everything is so polarized between fanboys, that really is an achievement.

Stadler2662d ago

I personally would like to find out what this guys position is at DICE. It would be awesome if a Sandbox mod was coming out

bobrea2662d ago

It could just mean they hired an exceptional talent for their development team... There doesn't have to be a hidden meaning in everything.

GrumpyVeteran2662d ago

Would be awesome if mod tools were made in general.

Tyre2662d ago

Keep on hyping Onlive and streaming games and mod tools/custom hardware will be gone for the users after all companies have servers running all the games and all the user will be left with is an interface to acces the streamed games=>no more custom building PC rigs/no more hardware parts/no more self-taught talents/no more fresh ideas....the end. Promote physical dedicated hardware/physical ownership/offline usable hardware instead of the return to 70ies like mainframes and terminals....