Nintendo Sued Over 3DS

Nintendo is being sued for their 3DS handheld system by Tomita Technologies, a Japan and US based company founded by a former Sony employee. The suit claims that Nintendo willfully infringed on a Tomita Technologies patent when they made and released the 3DS. Check out the details below.

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jidery2659d ago

"founded by a former Sony employee"

It all makes sense now...

DanielComfort2659d ago

Ooo, interesting stuff. Wonder if it'll hold water? Either way, I'm sure it'll end in a settlement that we'll never hear about.

ares21al2659d ago

Could be an interesting turn of events if true

Calidreth2659d ago

I like how it was done by a former Sony employee. Those two can never get along can they? What's next? Nintendo suing Sony and Microsoft for using motion technology years after they said they wouldn't?

Merivigian2659d ago

Unless they specifically use Tomita's tech, then no water. Ideas are public domain. If they achieve a similar effect with their own tech, Nintendo has no worry.

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