Can a GTA MMO Work?

The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the most successful game series of the last decade, but attempts to turn the premise into a MMO game have not yet reached that same level of success. While the first two GTA games had a cult following, it wasn’t until GTA3 came out and turned the game into a full blown 3D city that the series exploded amongst gamers.

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NukaCola2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


Need I continue?

ShoryukenII2660d ago

Please don't continue. That game is a train wreck. Even Gamer's First can't fix that disaster. But I know Rockstar could do it right.

TheIneffableBob2660d ago

APB was designed by the lead designer of GTA.

ChrisW2660d ago


APB Reloaded seems to have worked a lot of those bugs out. But I don't know how far past it'll get beyond beta testing.

NukaCola2660d ago

@ All the above

I mean it doesn't work. APB was a complete waste of resources. You all should of agreed w/

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ATiElite2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

On the PC I say HELL FN YEH!

I currently play a Super Duper modded version of GTAIV MP and it's dam near a MMO already except it's limited in player count which they raised to 64 on a private server (lower count of NPC's).

there are Turf Wars, Gang fights, Robberies, custom car shows, street races, capture the flag (actually capture car), scavenger hunts, Co-Op team missions, Quest to kill the giant Mr. Frosty. Clans fight over the ownership of the Pay N Spray, Burger Shot's, and etc. because now you pay them instead of the game. Also their has been an integration of selling custom paint jobs and designer clothes in the game (seen several TF2 HATS already).

For the last two weeks rival clans have been fighting for control of the Vert Ramp down by the pier in which some genius has made a mod for skateboards in GTAIV. Don't even get me started on the gambling that goes on in the pool hall. Also they have added some San Andreas features like lifting weights, tattoos, and hair styles.

GTAIV MP is far SUPERIOR to APB. APB wishes it was half the game GTAIV MP is. If Modders can do all this then I'm sure the R* Devs can crank out a great GTA MMO or at least pay these modders to do it.

Caleb_1412660d ago

I smell bulls**t - even though i'm aware of a lot of what you've described is possible you can't simply have 64 players in GTA IV, so your lieing.

Also, "...for two weeks rival clans have been fighting for control of..." - wtf dude? Like even if 64 players was possible it wouldn't be fully populated all the time

Your just trying to make it out to sound better than it is - more often than not GTA IV is the same as the console versions, albeit with 32 players.

r1sh122660d ago

It cant work as MMO.
GTA is way more popular on the consoles and the long term benefits of MMO for such a game are horrible.

People that buy games like COD etc...Are pretty much 'action junkies', they want a fast paced game with lots of explosions. GTA IV is relatively slow paced, and RDR as good as the single player was the MP was pretty awful. They need to find a way to speed up the gameplay, I mean GTA is clearly still loved top 10 XBL played games.

ATiElite2659d ago

Please explain to me how a GTAIV MMO would not work?

Especially since APB which is just a half ass attempt at a GTAIV MMO totally sucks, went bankrupt but because of the community and money making potential was brought back to life although still kinda crappy has enough people playing it so far that it's still around.

So your telling me Rockstar couldn't do better than APB?

xtreampro_REVENGE!2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I've always pictured about 200 online players having gang wars in a fictional GTA city but I guess it'll never happen. because people are just too pissy about having too many online players.

I remember playing KZ2 online with 32 players equipped with rocket launchers all jammed in one room firing away at each other, and to tell you the truth it added tons of fun to game even though no one was winning because technically we're all loosing in that situation because everyone's getting blown up lol.

Yeah the frames per second took a massive hit with all those explosions but it was fun and crazy. All this sissy 5vs5 crap is boring. I've personally enjoyed KZ2 & Burnout Paradises online the most this gen.

spunnups2660d ago

The fact that Burnout Paradise doesn't have a sequel and that garbage franchise NFS is being run into the freaking GROUND is a tragedy.

StarWolf2660d ago

thats your opinion i guess. Id rather stay away from the messy, unorganized, crap that is 16+ players. 5v5 is the sweet spot.

Ddouble2660d ago

I agree with Burnout Paradise being one of the best multiplayer experiences this gen.

silvacrest2660d ago

if done right, sure, why not

Huarle2660d ago

Guess nobody here played on the 500 player servers (!) for San Andreas Multiplayer