GotGame: Michael Pachter Wrong About DNF

Matt from GotGame writes: Industry analyst Michael Pachter has drastically lowered his expectations for the sales of Duke Nukem Forever.

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samurailincoln2664d ago

Does Patcher ever know what he's talking about? I imagine some team of 20-somethingers feeding him news reports. I can see them now, snickering at the old man as he screws up the numbers once again.

Parapraxis2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

...wait a exactly was he wrong?
Sales for the game have been poor.
This could very well be in part to the low review scores.

This article actually backs up what Pachter said.

This is shoddy "journalism" at it's finest.
Whether or not you like Pachter, you have to admit that this is a flimsy attempt at making a story out of nothing.
Fail article.

Hicken2664d ago

It's all that makes news at n4g these days.

Raider692664d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Well this was expected since the game is a piece of crap in all aspects!But there was one thing Gearbox and Randy big mouth didn't take in question wend releasing the worst technical version on the xbox 360 that if the game was at least in equal standards to the PS3 version and running at least at 30fps the sales would have been greater!They simply forgot that the 360 is a shooter console and they lost a bunch of sales on it by releasing a technical inferior version on xbox 360.The game is a piece of shit in every platform but on the xbox 360 technical speaking its shit shit and more shit to the point were it gets unplayble due to low fps and tearing.

hazelamy2663d ago

pachter wrong?

who saw that coming?

just uhm, EVERYBODY, except pachter ironically. (^_^)