Five Reasons MW3 Will Trump BF3

This fall marks the legendary battle between two of the most recognized first-person shooter franchises in the gaming industry, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. There's been quite a lot of hype brewing over the past several months for both titles, and they'll both no doubt rake in millions of dollars, but the question is... which one will come out on top?

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Dart892659d ago

1.Mouthy 12 year olds
2.Glitches within a week
3.Overpowered weapons
4.laggy matches do to p2p
5.Hacked leaderboards :D.

Kran2659d ago

Every set of leaderboards are hacked, mate ;)

thugbob2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

wrong post. >_<

deadpoole2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

This year ... History will be rewritten with the MW3 being dethroned from the top position by the only best, the greatest and the elitest contender of alll ..... Battlefield 3 .... applause (yeaaaa).

Just like Nadal got his ass kicked recently.

I would have sold my Modern Warfare 2 copy long time back ... its because I got the fuckin DLC pack ... I dont wanna screw that money up cuz I cant sell that $hit to anyone. Mofo Activision knows how to trap consumerbase into their a$$ lickin DLC scheme.

One more thing ... WTF is COD: Elite ... I just dont get it ... what makes it sooooo different then Killzone 2 and 3 stat trackin system.

Agent-862659d ago

Here's a better written article that goes into more depth. MW3 may sell more, but BF3 will be the better game.

Pixel_Pusher2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

the main reason it wont, peer to peer f**king network. now f**k off Activision you cheap bastards!

Washington-Capitals2658d ago



I cant believe people are getting caught up in all of this. Obviously these website make these articles up to create wars on forums such as these. Let the two games come out and we'll see whats better.

Sarcasm2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

MW3 will "probably" end up selling more.

BF3 will DEFINITELY be the better game.

/end discussion

Edit: Agent-86 beat me to it.

zero_gamer2658d ago

This will be interesting to see what game wins the sales department. My bet is on MW3 for obvious reasons. BF3 on PC will be my game of choice though.

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DA_SHREDDER2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Overpowered weapons? I was just talking about the bullet sponge effect on Uncharted 3 and now your saying its too easy to kill someone in COD? Do you realize that even a .22 bullet could kill you with one shot? It could ricochet from your leg all the way up to your brain. It should only take one or two bullets tops to kill anyone in any game. I'm a huge fan of Bushido Blade as much as I'm a fan of hardcore mode in COD and Bad Company. Screw you core dudes.

point well taken, but the good thing about COD games is that they don't just cater to one crowd. It caters to everyone. You play your little make believe core games, and I get to play my ultra realistic hardcore mode games with no hud. Its a win/win situation for both types of gamers.

dragonyght2659d ago

lol he talking about a gun that ever nood use which make other weapon in the game useless that can quickly kill any online gaming. and please spare us the talk of realism especially in COD (ironically) -_- its a only game m8. its doesnt hurt if we core dudes likes a well balance game

thugbob2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

One of the reasons why I don't play CoD is because people die too freakin fast. This promotes camping. Which CoD fans love. They love campers because they camp themselves. You're not playing CoD right if you don't camp.

Warprincess1162659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I don't even know why you responding to him. He like a huge battlefield fanboy. He so close-minded. There no way of getting through to him. Now i agree with you about uncharted. It takes way too long to kill an enemy. It ridiculous.

1.Mouthy 12 year olds - There a mute option and they might not even be 12. Their mic might make them sound like that.
2.Glitches within a week - And battlefield doesn't have any glitches. Troll more.
3.Overpowered weapons - DA_SHREDDER already explained that.
4.laggy matches do to p2p - I don't know about you but when i play COD. The matches rarely lag. Dedicated servers aren't that am amazing. P2P works fine most of the time.
5.Hacked leaderboards :D - Again DA_SHREDDER already that. So again stop trolling because you're bad at it.

thugbob2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

And there goes warprincess the infamous Call of Duty fanboy/girl.

Lets be serious. No doubt Modern Warfare 3 will out sell Battlefield 3, but Battlefield 3 will be the better game.

Shackdaddy8362659d ago

Warprincess: "He like a huge battlefield fanboy. He so close-minded."

Lol. The irony XD

Hufandpuf2659d ago

@war princess
You said BF3 has glitches!? As far as I know every glitch that has been reported was fixed in bfbc2. I challenge you to find a glitch in battlefield that is still used. I have never encountered a glitch, maybe an unfair tactic like helicopter strafing or jihad jeeps (one on does that anymore) but never a glitch.

Ravenor2659d ago


I lol'd at:
"Dedicated servers aren't that am amazing."

The gmal and AK don't take that long to kill people if you use them properly.

khan_saab2659d ago

when he is says overpowered weapon, he is talking about one weapon that everyone grabs on to and that makes the game stale, you have to be an idoit to believe that the damage you take in cod is the same as the damage received in real life

RememberThe3572659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

@Shackdaddy836: Thats hypocrisy.

Uncharted is far from a simulator so expecting the gun the handle or hit like they do in Battlefield or COD is retarded. The game has always been pretty but far from realistic. Hell, Gear of War is the game way, why not bring that up?

How do people not understand that none of these games are simulators? None of the have accurate damage. Otherwise the game would suck and no one would want to play.

@DA_SHREDDER: "It could ricochet from your leg all the way up to your brain."
lol. A .22 doesn't have enough inertia to push up your leg, through your torso and into your brain. I believe it could hit somewhere in the upper torso but it's as likely to hit you in the head as it is to go any other direction or depending on the round just go all the way through you.

HeavenlySnipes2658d ago

Dedicated Servers aren't that amazing?

COD rarely lags?


The lag and hit detection in BO is terrible. The lag allows people to knife you from far on your screen only to find that on their screen they were right next to you, and did I mention the hit detection?

Servers overrated my ass. Play a real MP game and remake your comment.

DeadlyFire2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

....Do you even know what a dedicated server does?

Peer to Peer works fine for 4 player perfect, maybe decent with 6-8 players. This is true. It is why L4D, Borderlands, and other 4 player games were conceived. Anything more than that and there is a noticeable effect on gameplay.

Dedicated is the same all the way through. If the server is good and solid gameplay should be as well no matter how many players the effect is shared all around and its not problematic lag effect like p2p.

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firemassacre2659d ago

Call of duty mw3 is you

Battlefield 3 is ricky bobby, shake and bake ho

egidem2659d ago

Only one place where we expect Modern Warfare 3 to trump Battlefield 3: SALES. Period.

5. Fast Paced Action - This is true if you are talking about consoles. Has this author ever seen how ridiculously fast Battlefield Bad Company 2 being played on PC is? Even on consoles, it's still fast paced, it isn't slow. The only reason as to why Call of Duty's fast pace is due to the small cramped maps and simple objectives: 25 kills and you win. You will run around and sure enough you will run into someone very quickly.

4. Unparalleled Set Piece Moments - Ridiculous. Scripted non-destructive moments on such an old engine no longer appeals to me as 'unparalleled'. We haven't even dug deeper into Battlefield 3 and what they've shown so far is very impressive.

3. Frame-rate - Again with the 60FPS argument. Battlefield runs at 720p, with environments capable of getting destroyed at such massively huge maps and the fact that it continues to lock this to 30FPS is fantastic. CoD fanboys complain about BF's 30FPS. How come BF players don't complain about it? It's because not only do you quickly get used to it (like many other games locked at 30fps) but you just can't trade in a higher resolution, larger maps and destruction for just sub HD static environments of call of duty.

2. Publicity - Playing the sales card, really? We know Activision hypes the crap out of it. We all know it will sell to lots of 10 year olds and prepubescent teenage boys with weird voices that sound all the same, itching to discover new camp spots and spawn locations to abuse. This is just another way of saying "Hey, it won't be better than Battlefield, but it will seeelll waay higher!"

1. Recognizability (Brand recognition) - just a matter of time before call of duty players realize that they have been playing similar stuff for years. The sooner the better, this way Activision might, MIGHT decide to improve their game. Unfortunately this won't happen anytime soon. :-( They've got their fans on the Call of Duty drug, and each year they will say it's a new game, but all they've done is sell the same drug in a bottle with a different color.

Cerberus292659d ago

Yeah, the author was really stretchin for #1 & #2. This whole article made me laugh, sounds like it was written by a CoD fan in denial of a better game on the way.

Agent-862659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Great post, well said and bubbles up for you.

DigitalxPiracy2658d ago

I'm so sick of the 30/60 fps argument. These Cod kids don't know wtf they're talking about.

DanSolo2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

On that whole 60fps vs 30fps thing....

I can honestly say I do not notice the difference... and if people didn't talk about it, I wouldn't even know there was a frame rate difference between COD and BF.... it is really not a big thing, it doesn't matter at all or detract in anyway from the game.... if you are sitting there counting framerates and pixels in games then you are seriously playing games in the wrong way....

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2658d ago

The people that complain about FPS are obviously people that never played any other game besides Cod... Only if they knew the amount of games that run at 30fps

Crysis 2
Killzone 3
Killzone 2
Battlefield 1943
Halo 3
Halo Reach
Resistance 2
Battlefield Bad Company 1+2...

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Mansour4492659d ago

I'm still playing COD4, Man the connection is fucking awesome. I wish there is a game has a good connection like cod4.

Sarcasm2658d ago

After careful discussions with many friends who play COD, we all agreed COD4 was THE best COD for multiplayer. It was JUST RIGHT. Not over the top and not too light on features either.

bozebo2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

this ^ (and above that too).

The bullets just worked in cod4, like in CSS before they broke it in 2010.


The beta of BF3 will be better than the full retail MW3 game.

egidem2659d ago

I would agree to that. If anyone disagrees, then compare the Battlefield Bad Company 2 BETA with the Black Ops Full Game.

XRider2659d ago

MW3 will sell more but BF3 will be loved more. The first comment is a troll comment and should be removed.

chidori6662658d ago

i stop read in :

Oxymoron0282658d ago

planetxbox360. Was the article written because EA favoured the PS3 over the 360 when it came to show casing the console port of MW3?

Also; recognizability. Nice, making up words now are we... I thought journalists had to have a grasp of the English language? Or at least the language of the country in which their articles are published...

StayStatic2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Well said Dart89

and heres a number 6

6. Kill Streaks



n00b camper streaks FTL

showtimefolks2658d ago

spending over 100 million on advertisement i don't think one game will really trump the other.

I fully expect both to do over 10 but close to 15 million.

MW3 might outsell BF3 by a little and BF3 might outsell MW3 by a little

with advertisement anything can be sold look at COD but all EA has to do is show how great their game looks on this engine and many casuals will just be blown away by tat and buy it

ilikegam3s2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Heres mine:
1:I will have both MW2 and BF3
2:I will play Mw3 first
3:Then ill finish it (including completing it on vet, so may take a month - including multiplayer and playing BF3 ><)
4:get bored, then take out disk
5:Play BF3 for aggggeeeeesss (occasionally go on mw3 and make ppl rage quit)

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Emilio_Estevez2659d ago

It will only trump in sales, not awesomeness.

Pandamobile2659d ago

Lol, I like how most of the reasons have nothing to do with the quality of the game itself.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Lmao. You are right, those ''reasons'' doesn't make MW3 better. Only in sales, that's all.

But for Gamers, BF3 is better in every way, and is a more complete game.

Agent-862659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Panda, here's a better written article on how BF3 will be the better game. I think you'll really like Reason #3: PC Gamers Get Respect.

RyuCloudStrife2659d ago

MW3 has trumped BF3 already

sikbeta2659d ago

In sales, it already did, sad but true, no way in hell BF3 can sell more than COD, but who gives a crap about sales, as long as there is people to play online, everything is OK...

cannon88002659d ago

Your comment has be trumped by disagrees.

Cyrax_872659d ago

1. The name "Call of Duty"
2. Millions of dollars poured into marketing
3. The same million sheep that buy it every year
4. The same million sheep that buy it every year
5. The same million sheep that buy it every year

Ducky2659d ago

Doesn't BF3 have comparably expensive marketing as well?

Also, your last three points are the same. Might want to fix that. Other than that, good list.

Ser2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

His last three reasons are the main reasons as to why CoD sells so much. People really do just buy the games because of the name attached to them.

Activision could release Call of Duty: Power Ranger edition and it would break sales records.

I'm not saying that CoD is garbage, but the name "Call of Duty" does carry a lot of sway in the public eye.

maniacmayhem2658d ago

Does the same million of sheep apply to the BF crowd that buy every BF game?

Ser2658d ago

Battlefield doesn't have as many sheep as Call of Duty...Also, Battlefield games don't release every year.

thespaz2658d ago

Not enough people like Battlefield.

Plus, when a game doesn't get released yearly, people tend to get bored and the game loses their attention.

Call of Duty players' attention span is short. You GOTTA keep pumpin' 'em out year after year to keep 'em playing the games.

My brother ONLY plays Call of Duty games. He actually bought LA Noire though... played 1 or 2 cases and hated it. Now he's back to Call of Duty.

That's just the type of gamer that Activision is targeting.

Aloren2658d ago


It sure looks like there are battlefield branded games every year.