Q&A interview with MLG Pro Naded

Brett "Naded" Leonard is one of Major League Gaming's finest when it comes to Halo. When Brett is playing "Naded-like," he can be among the most dangerous players in all of MLG. With the 2011 Pro Circuit now in full swing, Naded spoke with Examiner about his thoughts on Halo: Reach.

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YogiBear2663d ago

Here's a thought, get a life.

Slade232663d ago

Here's a thought, get out!!

YogiBear2663d ago

I'll get right on that.

Xander7562663d ago

I'm sure he has a great life, he's being paid to play video games!

StarWolf2663d ago

no hes getting paid to pay to enter and fly out to an event (tickets not included). hes probably breaking even