How Many Sequels is Too Many?

MMGN user blog: Recently looking through the pre-orders trying to work out what to order this gaming season (September – December) and you can't help but think, how many sequels do we honestly need? Some games it seems perfectly fine but other seem to be over the top.

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LOGICWINS2758d ago

"Don't get me wrong in all this, I still line up every year and buy my sequels, I still get hyped and I still love to play them, to find out what my favourite character is doing this year and how they will inevitably triumph over the impossible, but for once I wouldn't mind finishing a game, and not seeing it pop up and steal more money from my wallet two years later. *Glares at Batman*'

No ones "stealing" money from your wallet. You CHOOSE to buy these games. Btw, no ones forcing you to buy these games Day 1. You can wait till the price drops.

JoGam2758d ago

20 sequels are too much.

Lylat_642758d ago

Its not that bad really, only games that are coming out too frequently from his list is NFS (9 in the last 5 years lol), CoD (Don't even need to go there as there is soo many) and Assassin's Creed (7 not including the 3DS one).