Sonic Generations First Impressions at Glitched-Out

NightOfTheLiving8Bit writes, "Sonic on the Sega Genesis and Sega CD as no doubt been a pinnacle that he’ll never reach ever again in the videogame industry, we all know that but most of us who are faithful Sega or Sonic fan’s have had a hard time coping with that but we all feel this little thing in side that “one day” he’ll come back.

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Orionsangel2659d ago

What the hell is going on with Sonic? What is this new Generations game all of a sudden? Is it nostalgic remakes of classic Sonic levels? Ok cool, but then wtf is Sonic 4 Episode 1? Wasn't that supposed to be remakes or imagining of classic Sonic levels? Are we still getting Episode 2? It's like Sonic Team is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us, hoping something from Sonic is a hit again.

triverse2659d ago

I get the same feeling as you, Orionsaint. It is definitely a mixed signal thing with Sega right now (what hasn't been though since they dropped the Dreamcast?). While Generations looks cool, it also sort of negates Sonic 4 Episode #1 and so forth.