SSF4AE PC plagued with keyboard and gamepad issues - Fix coming soon

DSOGaming writes: "Although Capcom’s much anticipated fighting game has finally been released on the PC, it is plagued with some annoying bugs that might put off some PC gamers. According to a lot of gamers, some keyboard and gamepads are not working at all. If you do experience this bug, there is a temporary workaround."

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waltyftm2661d ago

Oh dear, They should have just bought the superior PS3 or 360 version.

SonyNGP2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

That's not how you spell "Arcade machine".

kevnb2660d ago

how could they mess this up? Its in the api for god sake.

chaos-lockheart2660d ago

I use my PS3 Street Fighter 4 MadCats fighting stick on the PC ver., and had no issues at all, even with the 360 controller with no issue, i guess it's just the non brand generic controllers then.