MapleStory's Age of Heroes update now live

A wave of pandemonium has hit Maple World as the 'Age of Heroes' update hits MapleStory. 'Age of Heroes' is the first in the 'Chaos' series of summer content updates for the 2-D side-scrolling MMORPG from Nexon.

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TheSoundDefense2662d ago

First in a series of summer updates? How often does Maple Story update?

SactoGamer2662d ago

Monthly at the very least.

TheSoundDefense2662d ago

Wow, pretty impressive. WoW certainly doesn't update that often, at least not the major ones.

--Onilink--2662d ago

well the major ones are not really monthly but they dont take as much as WoW, but they are almost always adding small things or fixing others each month