EA 'Would Absolutely Welcome' Other Publishers' Content on Origin

EA believes it offers a lot to others who might wish to use Origin as a digital platform. Indeed, Origin could become much more than simply an EA portal - EA's SVP of global online David DeMartini indicated to IndustryGamers today that he'd love to see other publishers put their games on Origin.

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NYC_Gamer2660d ago

EA is so fake now they wanna act like they care about PC gaming

BeastlyRig2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Well they don't care about any platform just the money.. But I am happy they didn't try to force dice into make 360/ps3 lead platform for bf3!

I don't care if they really care! I just want a lot of content & for a good price!

Ducky2660d ago

Makes no difference to me.

If they want other publishers, then all this means is more competition, and ultimately, the consumer wins.

Though, they don't seem to be trying that hard. This weekend, they had their games for up to 40% off... which is laughable when Steam has EA's game for much cheaper.