Five N64 Games That Should Be on the 3DS

"What if I went back in time to tell myself that Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would someday be even better than it already seemed to me then? I am pretty sure my past self would punch me in the balls and say “Yeah right. Ocarina of Time is already perfect! Shut your lying future whore mouth!” Well guess what, past self? HA HA HA HA! You were wrong! With the invention of the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo used their wonderful space magic to make Ocarina of Time even better! It’s almost a completely different game. It looks amazing and it just feels so right on the handheld. The more I played it the more it became very clear to me that Nintendo needs to do this a few more times. I mean, yes you guys should focus on bringing new original stuff to us, but when you get a chance, could you remake these other five N64 games? If you can do it with Ocarina and the upcoming Star Fox 64, then these games will be EZPZ, and think of the money you’ll make."

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Desert Turtle2665d ago

Majora's Mask. Make it happen Nintendo. Right now.

femshep2665d ago

even though conker and banjo are bothed owned by Rare and will never happen WHY NO CONKER on that list?

Lylat_642665d ago

Can't see why it won't happen, Banjo Pilot, Saber Wolf, Banjo Kazooie Grunty's Revenge and Mr Pants appeared on the GBA years after Microsoft bought Rare.. Also Diddy Kong Racing and Viva Pinata appeared on the DS, and from what I've read/heard is that Microsoft don't mind them working on DS/3DS games as they don't effect the 360 (DS/3DS arn't competition such as the Wii or PS3).

femshep2665d ago

yeah well if there is any new conker game....even a remake it needs to be on a system my a system priced handheld

star fox is the only game besides kid Icarus that seems vaguely worth it to buy a 3ds

Moduserous2665d ago

Golden Eye for 3DS. That's what's up.

pondaboba2665d ago

I sort of wish they'd remake Jet Force Gemini. I loved that game.

RoboSpiff2665d ago

a great underrated title

Darkseeker2665d ago

Majora Mask on that list is the only one that could happen. I don't see any other of those being remade.

zero_gamer2665d ago

Especially the RARE games. Such a shame M$ bought the company.

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The story is too old to be commented.